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Spring/Winter in Virginia

March 27, 2011

Is it spring or is it winter?  I hate when it snows after it’s been warm for a while.

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  • ebc

    that’s beautiful (esp the pink ones), and yet kind of gut wrenching sad all at the same time (esp the purple ones) 🙁 stupid indecisive cruel weather!

  • C

    THese photos are beautiful. I’m from MD originally, and my FB feed this morning is full of photos of the spring snow. So pretty, but a bummer. I’m sure you’re all more than ready for some nice weather.

  • Hi Whitney, Thanks for stopping by my blog and giving me some advice. I will not lie that I am scared shitless about the tests and results but I have read so many amazing stories, including yours that my fears have eased up.

  • Gorgeous pics!

  • We got teased with warm weather too! Now my hubby is sick (and being a big baby!) and I’m having to pull out sweaters that I had already optimistically put in the back of the closet. I hope it warms up soon for both of us!