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Ramulose Ridge

May 22, 2016

We decided to check out a vineyard called Ramulose Ridge. You never know what to expect when you visit a new place sometimes, but this place was beyond my expectations. It was gorgeous and we had the place pretty much to ourselves.  Beautiful setting, beautiful terrace and of course…the roses!

They have this huge pergola over a terrace with climbing roses that is so pretty. I bought a bottle of Vidal Blanc and it was quite good. I have pretty low expectations for some local wineries and there is one in particular that is absolutely stunning to visit, but I think the wine is terrible. I put up with it just for the beautiful scenery and views. However, here, I got a gorgeous setting and great wine!

We left the kids in the stroller for most of the visit, but then let them out as we strolled through the vines. Big mistake. My son took off running — RUNNING — under the vines. I stayed with my daughter as Erick ran after him sprinting a few steps and then ducking under the low wires holding up the vines. All the while, we were screaming for him to stop and he paid us not one tiny bit of attention. I couldn’t even see him. It scared me because I don’t know what else is out there and I couldn’t get to him quickly. Thankfully, my husband had him in sight the whole time and was able to keep up and finally catch him. So, this kid may never get out of the stroller again.


On the way home, we stopped along the road to say hello to some beautiful horses.

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Floral Dress | Schutz sandals

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