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Marbella & Puerto Banus

November 14, 2012

On our way from Ronda to Granada, we stopped off on the coast.  We went to a beach near Marbella called Estepona.  We were planning to go to a beach club called Puro Beach, but once we got there we just couldn’t justify the costs since there was another restaurant next door that was renting chairs and umbrellas for only €5. No pool, no luxury, but that was fine as we came to sit by the ocean. Puro Beach is a club where you pay for your seating and have the use of the very luxurious pool and restaurant.  I don’t know if we have clubs like this in the U.S.?  It’s like going to a nice hotel for the day and paying a day rate of like €50.

It was very overcast and not a very pretty day.  Honestly, I wasn’t terribly impressed with the beach here.  It just wasn’t anything spectacular.

The other problem was that the ocean was overflowing with jellyfish.  Not one here or there.  They were everywhere.  And, we didn’t see one person in the water.  Evidently, nobody else likes to get stung by jellyfish either.

However, we enjoyed ourselves and hung out for a few hours and then had a nice lunch.

We drove down the coast a bit to Puerto Banús, which is the stomping grounds of the rich in the south of Spain.  It’s a port filled with huge yachts and there’s lots of great shops and restaurants lining the port.  I looked great going into Versace in my cover-up and flip-flops.  :/

Erick stopped every two seconds to take a picture of a fancy car.  Lamborghinis and Ferraris were as common there as a Prius is here.

Overall, we had a nice day, but in my opinion, Spain isn’t a hot beach destination. I’m too spoiled by the Caribbean! I do understand that if you’re into the party scene, then the coast is a great place to go.

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