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June 23, 2016

After attending a peony workshop at Pharsalia in May, I was anxious to return and signed up for the Lavender Workshop, since I really love it and use the essential oil around the house for so many things. It was in partnership with Sunshine Lavender Farms from North Carolina. I thought it would be nice to learn how to grow it.  Also, I knew this would be a great vacation day.  Right now, for the first time in a long time, we have no trips scheduled because we don’t have anyone to watch the kids and I just am not up the task of a long trip with non-childproofed everything. So, I am really seeking out opportunities for mini get-aways doing the things I really like to do. I live in the city (a small city surrounded by mountains), but I really love the country.

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This time, I gave Erick a break and took a friend, Carissa. I think she got more out of it than he would have.

The class sat under a huge tree around four wooden tables. The first thing we did was go around and introduce ourselves. The first several people owned farms and talked about building a lavender burm (<–no idea what that is or how to spell it) and then it was my turn. I said, “I like lavender and I have one plant on my deck.”   “No, I don’t know which variety.”  Hey, you have to start somewhere, right?

I guess it’s ironic that I enjoy flowers so much and and doing these kinds of things, but if you looked at my yard, you would have no idea. I guess I don’t like my landscaping or lack of landscaping and so I just don’t care about it. I have no pride or work in it. So, I’m starting to think of changing that and how to create a place that I will love and flowers that I will want to take care of.


I’m learning about what I want to plant, but I have no overall plan yet.

We walked over to the gardens and Annie taught us all about planting, care and harvesting.

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We were instructed to follow our nose and pick the lavender that most appealed to us. Then we set to work making a lavender body scrub. It was surprisingly simple to do.

Lavender Body Scrub Recipe
– Pick lavender and crumble blooms and leaves into a jar
– Add raw sugar
– Add grapeseed oil and mix

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Lunch here is a real treat!

They served pesto linguine and a strawberry and blueberry salad.  And, lavender infused lemonade, of course. I told Carissa while we we eating, “I just love this kind of simple, fresh food, where every ingredient has to be perfect.” And, they present it so beautifully, with edible flowers!

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After lunch, the instructor, Annie from Sunshine Lavender Farms, stopped by our table to talk. Since Carissa and I were snapping away, she was curious what we did for a living. She was not too surprised to find out that she had a digital marketer and photographer. She said, “I am just so glad to have young people here. My daughters say lavender is for old ladies.” We all chuckled over that. She was so sweet and helpful.

I bought two plants (variety known – thank you very much) and am debating where to put them. Wish me luck!


Some things I use lavender for: bug bites, skin irritations, insomnia, cleaning, soap and the fragrance alone for diffusing.

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