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You Need a New Doctor

March 14, 2015

My friend and fellow advocate, Jennifer Rutner, has a new project called You Need a New Doctor, which shares real stories from real women surrounding infertility.  It’s downright ludicrous what some of us have had to endure from doctors, hospitals, office staff, nurses, etc.

We’re tired of it. Infertility is abhorrent enough, doctors don’t need to make it worse.

We’re sharing what’s happened behind the curtain.

I’ve submitted several stories and I’m thankful to have had a really great fertility practice and reproductive endocrinologist, but I haven’t fared as well with hospitals and OBs.

Jen says, “Our diseases our real. The ways in which our medical care has been mishandled is real. The neglect is real. And, it’s not our fault. Yes, we need to continue to speak up. But, I think we also need to start insisting. And, people – doctors – need to start listening.”

Please pop over to You Need a New Doctor, follow along, read some horrifying/heart breaking/hilarious stories about the absolute nonsense medical professionals say to women with infertility. Even better, submit a story!

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  • I visited the website, and I was sorry to see the doctors had not been named. How does just a random accounting of this stuff help if you do not know who to avoid? It just serves to get you riled up to no end.

    Also, this sort of passive aggressiveness is something I cannot get on board with: if you are going to say something about somebody, take their names instead of alluding to them. When I wrote doctor reviews on my website, I gave out full names and affiliations.

    • Whitney Anderson

      Hi Jay! 🙂 I understand where you are coming from on specific doctors and I remember your website and appreciated the information. Is it still active? What’s the link?

      I called out a very specific doctor on my website several years ago and he saw it and then commented and was very rude and argumentative. He called me “that lady” and gave more info about my testing and consult than I gave. Total HIPAA violation. It was very stressful for me and he kept coming back to my site — I knew because of the IP. It freaked me out and I was worried he might try to sue for defamation. I knew I was in the right, but still, whose got time for a ridiculous legal battle in the middle of IVF?

      And, I’m sure Jen doesn’t want that kind of liability. Her goal is different than yours, I think? She is trying to shed light on the fact that there’s a lot of mis-information out there and a lot of botched care.