We’re getting a puppy!

May 11, 2009

Yes, we’re a little bit crazy.  We’ve always wanted another dog, but have somehow restrained ourselves.  I’ve been interested in weimaraners for a while now and started doing research on the breed.  Then, we went to an Easter Parade on Monument Avenue in Richmond where everybody brings their dogs and saw several of them.  When we got home and did some research and strangely enough, there is a breeder in Roanoke City and with a current litter.  We went to see them and fell in love!  The mom is sweet and very pretty and the owners are great people that have obviously put a lot of work and love into this.

However, we were really worried about Mollie and how she would take it.  So, we arranged for them to meet and she didn’t seem to mind the puppy.  Of course, it could be very different once the puppy lives with us.  We’re going to try to arrange for special Mollie time only once the pup gets here.

We’re getting a sweet little baby girl at the end of May when she’s 8 weeks.  We are SO excited and are busy preparing right now.

We’ve been busy trying to come up with a name for her and thought we had decided on Kali since we both like it.  However, my aunt suggested Izzy yesterday and I LOVE it.  We could name her Isabel and call her Izzy.  So, it’ll probably be one of the two.

Here’s some puppy pictures:






Here’s Maya, the mom:


And, here’s Ziggy, the dad:

YOGI 078

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