We went on safari…in Virginia

June 8, 2015

We took the kids to the Virginia Safari Park over the weekend. Or, as Erick said, we went to see “my people.” Mmmm-hmmm. Thanks, dear.

We got to feed tons of animals, including giraffes and kangaroos directly from our hands and I got licked by a zebra. Yep, it was a good day. And, as my cousin said yesterday, “Until a buffalo sticks his head in your car looking for food, you haven’t really lived.” YES — 1000% yes!

The kids had a good time. I think when they are older, it will be even better.

It is such a cool concept. It’s a huge wide open space and you drive through the park and the animals come right up to your car…and stick their heads in your car. We went to a similar place in Arizona that had bears.  (Note: the bears don’t stick their heads in your car.)



My son said “Woaaaa!!!!” He babbled and pointed the whole way through. He love it! However, his twin fell asleep.

I’m slightly obsessed with zebras. They are so amazingly beautiful with each one having a different pattern of stripes. And, I love their mohawks.



I just loved this guy. He is so adorable. 

Such a beautiful setting. 

I didn’t even have to go to Australia.  But, I want to!

So cool. They are so amazing to watch. And, just so beautiful. I love their patterns.

IMG_6660 IMG_6638-2 IMG_6609


This guy was beautiful. Look at that.  Look at those horns! I don’t even know how he holds his head up. 
Erick said this guy looked a little evil and deranged and he was afraid he was going to peck at me.
I got completely up close and personal with this camel.

IMG_6395 IMG_6310
Well, hello there!
This is my buddy. This is the one that let me pet him and ended up licking me.

Here’s my buffalo friend getting ready to put his head in the car. Look at that cute beard.
If you haven’t been to this place, you must check it out! It’s a fun day out and you can eat lunch at The Pink Cadillac Diner.

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  • Love your pics and Nicky likes the window ones!

  • Although I must tell you that recently here in SA at the Lion Park we had a lion put his head in a window and kill someone, so I guess you have to be careful which animal you open your window for!

    • Whitney Anderson

      I heard about that. So awful. Well, I would NOT open my window for a lion. That would be scary! Though, when we saw the bears, they were pretty peaceful but I had a healthy respect for them. 🙂 And, I would love to go to SA!!!! One day! Maybe we’ll meet!! 🙂

      • That would be so cool 🙂