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November 3, 2014

So, I’m little behind in posting this.  Last month, when we went to Mexico, we went to the Tulum ruins.  We went as part of an all-day (private) tour with Edventure Tours.  They took us early in the morning to beat the heat (not so much) and to beat the crowds (yea!).

We started off great with tickets already purchased and provided for us and no crowds.  Then, we get into the site, and I try to take a picture and my camera is 100% foggy.  We had this trouble off and on during our trip, but never this bad.  So, I was pretty grouchy that I was getting to see such a beautiful place and not able to take pictures.  Some people would say, put the camera down and enjoy the moment.  However, I say, photography IS what I enjoy.  So, I started using the GoPro to take some video instead.



Then, magically, after a while, the camera heated up and de-fogged! Thank goodness. So, we doubled back to the gorgeous look-out point on the coast so I could take some stills. But, I was kind of over it at this point, and still didn’t end up taking too many pictures.

The ruins were beautiful and I really enjoyed seeing them.  However, this being my first big outing since my surgery, I didn’t want to overdo it by walking too much.  So, between that and fact that it was hot as blazes, we didn’t tarry too long. I mean, who doesn’t love wearing sunscreen, bug spray, long sleeves and walking around in 100 degrees with no shade?

Of particular note, there was a temple dedicated to Ixchel, the fertility goddess.


IMG_1591 IMG_1599  IMG_1605


IMG_1619 IMG_1628

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