The Best of 2012

January 3, 2013


We had such an amazing time and got to see Granada, Sevilla, Consuegra, Madrid, Ronda, Marbella and Puerto Banus.  [See more]


Morocco was definitely a culture shock, but that’s what I love!  The sights, the language, the food, the customs.  So much to take in and not enough time.  [See more]

Finding a surrogate and meeting her

This was the most meaningful thing that happened this year.  We were so blessed to find a wonderful and selfless young woman willing to be our gestational carrier.  By the way, we are hoping to start treatment in about a month! [See more]

Vegas, Baby!

We went to Las Vegas for the first time, courtesy of Erick’s employer. We had a blast! [See more]

Watching Erick drive a Ferrari and Lamborghini

Erick loves cars and this was a dream of his, so it was awesome to see him get to do it.  It was fun for me, too and driving through Red Rocks Canyon was gorgeous.

Grand Canyon

We got to see the canyon for the first time while we were in Vegas and it was amazing! [See more]

Infertility Advocacy

It feels good to fight for something that I am very passionate about and I got the chance to do that this year. 1. Fighting the personhood bill in Virginia and testifying in front of the Senate.  (The bill got killed!)  2. Going to Washington DC for Advocacy Day 3. Being nominated as a finalist for the Hope Award for best infertility blog by RESOLVE 4. Being honored by RESOLVE as an “Infertility Hero” [See more]

Erick was baptized

This was extra special because it was on Easter Sunday.

New York City

We went to NYC with our friends, Dustin and Crystal, for New Year’s Eve 2011/2012. It was so much fun and a great way to start 2012.

Shaking President Obama’s Hand

A friend got me VIP tickets to President Obama’s campaign stop in Roanoke and when it was over I got to shake his hand! [See more]

Shooting Star

I finally saw a shooting star for the first time ever in December.  Lots of them, actually, during the Geminid meteor shower. Unfortunately, I have no photos of this. I didn’t know about it until I read someone’s Facebook post at around midnight.  I put on my robe, a coat and my Crocs and dashed right outside in the freezing cold. It was pretty magical.  It would be really cool if you were sitting by the beach during a warmer month though.


I saw a bear! For the first time! I don’t know why this was so exciting for me, but it was. This was at a drive through bear park in Arizona, so kind of faux wild. Erick kept getting on me to not hang out of the car, but I just couldn’t help it. And, how cute is this bear the way he’s sitting? And, look at those paws! [See more]


And, last but not least, all of my precious few visits with my sweet niece Avery.

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