The Complete Guide to Independent Surrogacy

independent surrogacyAfter years of infertility and a mountain of debt, I thought surrogacy was out of reach, but we figured out how to do it for 75% less than agency prices. I will show you how.

My husband and I used independent surrogacy to build our family after 8 years of infertility and repeat pregnancy loss. We want to share all of the information we have learned with you in the hopes that you might be able to pursue surrogacy to fulfill your dreams as well.

Using an agency was not an option for us because it was way too expensive.  It is significantly less expensive to do on your own and it is possible.  And, while not using an agency is referred to as “independent,” you are never really on your own – you will have a team of specialists on your side – your clinic, your attorney and perhaps a counselor.

It is my hope that this information might help others re-evaluate surrogacy as an option. This information, along with help from your team, will hopefully allow you to be able to do this without an agency.

I am not an agency, nor an attorney – I am a real person that was able to independently use surrogacy to build my family. I had to figure out most of the process on my own, but you don’t have to, because I’m going to share the whole process with you and tips for making this work for you.

The Independent Surrogacy Guide is for you if

  • Surrogacy is your path to parenthood
  • You plan to do the procedure and have the birth in the USA
  • You can’t afford to pay $100,000 or much more to an agency
  • You want to hear from someone who has been through all of this firsthand and who will be straight with you

The guide is not for you if

  • You are not willing to put in any effort. I tell you how to do it, but you have to do it.
  • You don’t mind scouring the internet for weeks at a time and piecing together 84 blog posts and articles to put some, but not all, of this information together.
  • You are looking for donor egg info (that is not covered)

Why should I pay for this information?

  • Because this could help you find a path to parenthood that you didn’t think was possible due to cost.
  • Because you would pay upwards of $100,000 for an agency and I will show you that you can make it work for much less ($10,000 – $64,000), so that is a savings of $36,000 to $90,000, for only $49. That is a HUGE return on investment!
  • Because I have done all of the research and homework on the financial, legal, and medical processes already, so that you don’t have to.
  • I am not some random person writing philosophically about this — I have lived through it and it worked for me.
  • If this could give you a chance to have a biological child, or a child of your own at all, what is that worth to you?

What I’ll cover

  • The step by step process — I’ll go into each step in detail (Surrogacy Basics and laws, Find an attorney, Working with your clinic, Come up with a budget, Find a surrogate, Screen surrogate, Counseling, FDA Testing Requirements, Complete the legal agreement with your attorney, Pre-IVF medical screening for carrier, Start IVF or FET and Preparation for birth)
  • Questions to ask your attorney
  • Tips for finding a surrogate on your own
  • How to screen a surrogate
  • Detailed cost estimates/scenarios and how you can make this work
  • How to better afford everything and how to structure payments


“Thank you so much for this! I was diagnosed with uterine cancer 8 weeks after the birth of my last child. After undergoing treatments and a hysterectomy I was able to keep one ovary in hopes of being able to complete our family. I am now ready to start this journey but scared to death also. I have been trying to look into the laws here and your guide was very helpful.” – Nicole

“Thank you for the great information! My husband and I were on our last steps of egg donor IVF when I was diagnosed with breast cancer. A GC is probably our only way of having a child. The process and expense seems so insurmountable at times.” – Vanessa


Whitney Anderson, independent surrogacy advocateA little about me

I spent eight years battling infertility and repeat pregnancy loss. I went through seven IVF cycles, a few bouts of OHSS, a few surgeries and five miscarriages. Then, I turned to independent surrogacy even though it seemed impossible and finally became a mom, thanks to my angel surrogate. I love staying involved with infertility and surrogacy advocacy work and have been a volunteer with RESOLVE for many years in different capacities. I live in Virginia with my husband, Erick, twin children and a weimaraner.



The fine print

Just in case there are no misunderstandings, I can’t guarantee that you will have a baby. C’mon — you know that. I can guarantee that this guide will help you see and believe that independent surrogacy can work and is so much more affordable than you think and much more affordable as compared to an agency. Also, I can guarantee that if you are going go down the path to independent gestational surrogacy, this will make your life much easier and save you time. However, you have to have some funds to be able to afford it and you have to put the work into it as well.  I am not an attorney and this is not intended to offer legal advice.  Laws in each state vary, and you should consult with a licensed attorney in your state, as stated many times throughout the guide. I assume no liability for anything that could go wrong in your situation.