Summer Sandals

May 2, 2016

Top row: 1. Woven Leather Sandals, 2. Suede Tie Leg Sandals, 3. Leather Lace Up Flat Sandals
Bottom row: 4. Metallic sandals, 5. Tan Gold-Striped Heel Sandals, 6. Scalloped Edge Flat Simple Sandals

I have been hunting for the perfect summer sandals and have found some I really like. I just ordered number two and four from above. I think that sandals like this can really elevate a look instead of wearing flip-flops. Also, you can’t go wrong with these nude, tan and metallic colors. They are flattering and go with everything.

Here are the sandals from above and a few others.  Most of them are in the $20-30 range!

And these adorable toddler sandals are on sale for $11.99!

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