Summer Reading Recommendations

July 2, 2012

Hi! Yes, I’m still here.  I haven’t posted in forever, but I was sick for most of June.  Still have no idea what I had, but it was some sort of intestinal bug/infection.  Sick for three whole weeks stinks and especially when doctors have no idea what’s going on.  I went to the doctor 4 different times with no answers.  That’s ok because I’m just thankful I’m getting better.

As for our journey, no news.  Just trying to take a break, but we’ll probably be applying to a local adoption agency soon.

So, while I was feeling puny and pathetic, I did a lot of reading.  Here are some recommendations:

  1. A Walk Across the Sun, by Corban Addison
    Fantastic novel about human trafficking and sex slavery in India.  Fiction, but based on overall truth. After reading something like this, I feel ever more thankful for my life and all of the many blessings I have.
  2. The House at Tyneford, by Natasha Solomons
    This book was about a Jewish girl from Vienna that had to flee the country to England during the war.  I love reading about the war, and this was an entirely different perspective and story that I hadn’t heard before.
  3. All the Flowers in Shanghai, by Duncan Jepson
    A glimpse into the life of a Chinese woman in the 1930s.  I felt like I was actually there.
  4. Shanghai Girls and Dreams of Joy, by Lisa See
    A novel about two sisters growing up in Shanghai that were forced to flee when invaded by the Japanese. Such a great story and then the best thing happened after I finished reading it, I realized there was another novel continuing the story! I always hate when a good book ends, so this was a nice surprise.
  5. Wild, by Cheryl Strayed
    This one was about a woman who hiked the Pacific Crest Trail alone from the Mojave Desert to Washington State!  Great read.

So, any recommendations for me?  What have you been reading?

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  • Heather

    Sorry u have been sick. Those sound like interesting books. I read the hunger games trilogy which was quite good although harrowing.

  • jess

    I have been so unmotivated to read lately, but love to hear others’ recommendations as well. Glad you are on the upswing.

  • I just read Wild too and really loved it! Definitely one of the better books I have read lately! It made me want to get out and hike.

    Have you read the Outlander series by Diana Gabaldon? Great historical fiction set in Scotland. (8 books, and she’s still writing)

    I’m also a fan of the “Paradise” series, even though it’s U.S. historical fiction (namely upstate NY). Start with Into the Wilderness by Sara Donati(6 books I think, and the series is done now).

    I also just finished a free kindlebook I found while looking for something on vacation. It was a quick read, but pretty good for free! Whale Song by Cheryl Kaye Tardif.

    I just can’t bring myself to get into 50 Shades of Grey like most of my friends.

  • Lacey Smith

    What a great list of recommendations! I’m currently reading “Turkoise” by Joan M. Sargent. If you go to her website,, you can find out more about her and the book. It’s truly captivating, and I highly recommend it! I’ve been looking for another book for when I’m finished with this one and I now I have plenty to choose from! Thanks again and glad you’re feeling better!

  • I’m sorry you’ve been sick, Whitney! But thank you so much for these recommendations. I really appreciate it!