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Start your own support group

April 23, 2013

I couldn’t have gotten through all of these years of infertility without a support group. Without other women just like me, struggling and anguishing over the same thing.

Most of my support groups are online groups and I have become really close friends with these women. We share with another and we support one another. As the years went by, I found it helpful to find more specific groups of women to share with. So, I became part of a repeat pregnancy loss group. And, now I am a part of a surrogacy group.

There are plenty of places online to find forums and others to talk to. Also, there are groups in many cities across the country. You can check here to see if there’s one in your area.

And, if there isn’t one, you can start your own.

I live in Southwest Virginia and I knew that there wasn’t a group in our area and I knew there was a need for it. So, I took a leap of faith and started one with help from my church and under the auspices of RESOLVE. I’m so glad I did because some of the women that came didn’t really have anyone to talk to about their infertility journey. I just couldn’t imagine. I was blessed to meet these women and have enjoyed getting to know them.

Start your own group

I would really encourage you to start a support group if there isn’t one in your area. Don’t be intimidated by “starting” or “leading” a support group. Think of yourself as more of a facilitator. I found that you don’t have to do much leading. When you get together, it’s just an informal chat and everyone is so excited to have someone to talk to that conversation is never lacking.

Also, RESOLVE will provide you with support, training and resources.

You can do it! You can make a difference in your area. You can help others not feel so alone.

To start a RESOLVE peer-led group, just go to their website and follow the instructions. Basically you listen to a training call and then fill out an application. You find a place to meet and pick a date and time.

Ideas for promoting your group

  • Make a flyer – ask a local infertility clinic if they would display it in their office, ask local OB/GYN clinics to do the same, post them around town at various places
  • If you have a website, promote it there
  • If you are comfortable, post it to Facebook, Twitter, etc.
  • Some websites allow you to post information on local events, so submit a listing

Learn More

I wrote this in honor of this year’s theme of “Join the Movement” for National Infertility Awareness Week (April 21-27,2013).   Learn more about infertility by checking out Infertility 101 and learn more about legislative issues affecting infertility.

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  • DLC

    I am struggling with recurrent pregnancy loss and would love to become part of a support group focused specifically on this problem. Could you recommend a good one online?

    • Whitney Anderson

      DLC – I will email you!

  • Caroline

    hi from iclw!! I think it’s great that you are helping others get the word out about your infertility! congrats on your twins on the way 🙂

  • Egg Timer

    Excellent Post… Support can be so helpful. I am glad you have the help you needed. Here from ICLW. All the best.

  • Thanks, this is a very useful post.

  • Renee

    There is a book that I highly recommend that you read called Water From the Rock: Finding God’s Comfort in the Midst of Infertility By Donna Gibbs, Becky Garrett, and Phyllis Rabon. Through reading this book I learned how to stop trying to control my circumstances of infertility and let God have complete control-no matter the outcome. My prayers changed from asking for a baby to asking God to end my pain over not having a child. God did end my pain. I learned to be content no matter the circumstance. God is good, and He has a plan for your life.

  • Em

    This is really great advice. It’s a really brave move to start a support group…but having attended a group, I know how powerful and helpful it can be.

  • Andrea Ramsay

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