Spanish food in Salem

November 19, 2008

I went to Café Madrid, the new Spanish restaurant, in Salem today.  It’s located on Main Street in the old post office and in Michelle’s former location.  I was absolutely thrilled when I discovered that they had tortilla española, which is not on the menu.  The translation is Spanish omelette, but it’s more like a potato frittata.

They brought around a tapas tray to show everything and that’s when I spotted it.  I ordered that and it was wonderful!  I’m absolutely in love with this dish – it’s like Spanish comfort food.  My college roommate was from Spain and taught me how to make this and we used to fix it all the time, though it’s a huge pain in the butt to fix.

My mom had the house salad with the sherry vinaigrette and that was pretty good.

Then, I had the grilled pork sandwich, which I didn’t care for all that much.  It was a little to charred on the outside.   My mom had the pork ribs and liked that.  She also had tasted the pork skewers and chicken skewers on previous occasions and liked both of those.


Finally, we had the churros with chocolate sauce for dessert and they were decadent.

I think this is a great little place.  It’s so nice to have something different, although it is a bit pricey.

View their website at

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  • kim327

    Hey thanks for the post. We are going to give it a whirl tonight. Been meaning to get there for quite a while. Thanks for all the heads up.

  • uofeating

    We liked this place also. Nice change of pace for the area. Thanks for the shout out.

  • I understand they no longer are making the Tortilla Española (Spanish Omelet). Bummer. I haven’t been back since either.