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Snowballs and Snowbabies

March 6, 2013

Today was a harrowing day.  The day of our embryo transfer to our gestational carrier + a big snowstorm, dubbed “Snowquester.”

There was excitement, happiness, confusion, nervousness, anxiety, gratitude and hopefulness all rolled up into one big ball of transfer-day jitters.


We woke up at my friend’s house, having driven up the night before only to find that the meteorologists were indeed correct and there was 9″ or so of snow on the ground.  And, it was still coming down hard.  We got up really early and were all ready and had one hour until we needed to leave. We were having a lovely breakfast of oatmeal pancakes topped with apples and turkey bacon, when my phone rang.

Nicole says, “The clinic called and they want me there now.”   I’m like, “What?!?!?!”

“Hey, everyone, breakfast is over.  Let’s go.”  I was freaking out because we were 25 minutes away and didn’t know how much longer it would take due to the snow.  We made it out of the neighborhood with the un-plowed roads and then the main roads were pretty good.  But, once we got on Interstate 64, the road got worse and worse and became one lane.  I was thinking I wish I had a prescription of Valium for today, too. Since Erick couldn’t come, my sweet parents offered to go with me and luckily we had their 4-wheel drive and my dad driving.

Thank you! Thank you!

All morning, I was receiving texts, Facebook messages and emails from many friends and family.  Thank you ALL so much!  It helped keep my mind occupied and it’s so nice to feel so supported and loved throughout this process. We know that so many people are praying for us and want this baby so badly for us!


We got to Nicole’s hotel, picked her up and off we went.  She had “jello legs” thanks to the tranquilizer and felt like she was in a dream, so I held her by the elbow when walking.

When we arrived , she got to put on a hospital gown and I got to put blue paper accoutrements.

It was strange to be the one wearing the booties and the scrub cap (I mean hairnet).

Once we went into the actual procedure room and I saw her lying there, it was so bizarre for me. It was like an out-of-body experience since I’m usually the one in the bed and in the stirrups.

This time, I was the one sitting by the bed and holding her hand.

The embryologist came to talk to us and had great news.  Both embryos thawed perfectly from the vitrification and had 100% cell survival!  Since they are frozen, us IF girls lovingly call them snowbabies.  One of them had already hatched and the other was hatching, which is great.

It was time for the main event.  I closed my eyes and prayed once again.   The actual transfer went great and we got a photo of the embryos.

The top left one has already hatched and the bottom right one is hatching.

While we were waiting before Nicole could get up, I was overcome with emotion and shed a few tears.  I am so unbelievably grateful for her and her selfless, amazing gift to us.  It just amazes me still.

Go or stay?

After it was over, we couldn’t figure out what to do.  Nicole’s hotel had lost power, but we didn’t know if it was safe for them to drive home or not because of the roads and because they didn’t have 4-wheel drive.  The whole time we were trying to figure out what to do, she was still sitting in our car parked at the hotel entrance.  While we were waiting, my mom and I gave her the baskets that we made for her with all of the post-transfer goodies.

I was worried about Nicole and just wanted to get her situated and lying down as soon as possible.  I tried to find another hotel, but I was so aggravated with my phone that didn’t want to cooperate. (I threatened to throw it into a snow drift.)  Phone calls kept dropping, internet was spotty and no hotel that I called had power. I finally called my friend, Allison, to help me and learned that pretty much the whole city was without power. Meanwhile, my dad cleaned off their car and her husband got the kids down, packed up and checked out.  We finally decided that they should just go on and try to get home as they should outrun the snowy area going east.

We followed them for 10 miles to make sure and then we turned around and headed home ourselves.

Happy Jitters

It was a strange feeling to see them driving away, knowing that our embryos are inside of her now. I trust her 100% and think that is the absolute best place for them.  The Mama Bear in me has come out and I just wish that we lived closer and I could look after Nicole and be close.

We are officially pregnant until proven otherwise.  I do have more confidence knowing that the embryos are going into healthy environment and knowing that they are normal since we did the CGH embryo genetic testing.

Now, all we can do is pray for this miracle that we have wished for, for over seven years now.

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  • Good luck Whitney! I am so looking forward to wonderful news from you in a couple weeks! You are in my prayers!

    • Whitney Anderson

      Thanks, Jenn! 🙂

  • Connie

    Oh Whitney, I’m sitting here in my office with tears in my eyes praying that you will receive the desire of your heart!

    • Whitney Anderson

      Thank you so much, Connie! ♥

  • Jessica

    I know what a long journey this has been for you and Erick. I really hope that this is the solution and that your dreams of having a take home baby will come true soon.

    • Whitney Anderson

      Thank you! ♥

  • Dad

    You are very courageous and Mom and I are praying that God will bless you with his greatest gift! That was a trip to Remember….Now I know that the snow on top of Afton was 18″ deep and the winds were gusting 35 mph. From that to sunny skies and dry streets in Salem just two hours away!!

    • Whitney Anderson

      Thanks, Dad! Love you!

  • Ann from CA

    OMG praying soooooooo hard for you … Eventhough I don’t know you I feel like I do through your blog and am just sitting here on pins and needles waiting … May God bless you and your husband and give you all that you are dreaming of !!! Here’s lots of best wishes and baby dust to you 🙂

    • Whitney Anderson

      Awww, how sweet. Thank you so much! xo!

  • I am so happy for you all, we just started the process of surrogacy. We are in the testing and talking to lawyer phase. Do yo know if there is a good site to blog on for intended parents. Everything I found was for the GS.

    • Whitney Anderson

      Janelle, Thank you! I didn’t understand your question. A good site for info?

  • sue

    Beautiful! Hope and faith are powerful things!
    Congratulations! Many prayers!

  • Jes

    Good luck!!! I just know this is it!! We are all thinking of you and wishing you the very best!!

  • Dee

    congrats on being PUPO!

  • Marcie

    So fun and exciting to follow this journey with you! And I absolutely love the picture of the embryos and seeing the difference between hatched and hatching. So cool to see! She is amazing for what she is doing! God Bless you all!

  • Katie

    Fingers crossed, Whitney. xo

  • Angelica

    This brought tears to my eyes. As a current infertility patient with a long journey myself, I really admire you for your bravery and your persistence. I love the pictures of the snow babies. 😀