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Riverstone Farm Dinner

September 5, 2016

Last night, we went to a farm dinner (A Taste of Tuscany) at Riverstone Organic Farm.  We first went to this farm earlier in the year to meet the baby sheep. We discovered that since then, they have sold their sheep. Evidently sheep are harder to care for than other farm animals and challenging for an organic farm. 🙁

Sitting by the river eating a gourmet, locally grown and prepared dinner right on the farm is a such a great experience. I would take this over a restaurant dinner any time.

We started with a farm tour. About halfway through, I saw the chicken condo and wandered off for a closer look. I took a few pictures and my arm dangled over the fence, when suddenly I got a huge jolt. It definitely scared me and I jumped back. That was stupid of me. So, I rejoined the tour.

We had appetizers and then a five course Tuscan dinner, including stuffed tomatoes, pezze della nonna, braised lamb with panzanella salad, fennel and orange salad and berry crostata.  The dinner was paired with local wines from Villa Appalachia, from Floyd as well. I was introduced to a new wine that I had never had, Aglianico. It is an ancient grape thought to have origins in Greece. It was quite good, but I was afraid to have too much as I never know when a red will set me off.

It was such a wonderful evening. I really respect and appreciate all the work they do to be a certified organic farm.

This was the first time Erick, my parents and I have been out together alone since the kids were born. We took them along for the fun instead of being the babysitters as always. We had a really nice time together.

We also met some really nice people, who were all from Floyd or had homes/farms in Floyd.

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