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September 5, 2016

I recently decided to move my office upstairs to a larger room and eliminate our unused guest bedroom. So, with a newly vacant room right off of the kitchen, we created a play room.

I wanted a place for the kids to be creative and have fun. I also wanted to reclaim my living room. It will be a while before that really happens, but at least it won’t be so cluttered with toys. In fact, I really didn’t want the play room to be overloaded with toys because I have found that when there is abundance of toys, they play with nothing. This is really more of  reading nook, game room and place to do art projects.

I knew I wanted it light and bright, so I decided to paint it plain white and use color to decorate. It wasn’t hard to do gender neutral because I just used lots of colors! 🙂 I fell in love with this Safavieh navy rug so I knew that would add a lot of color. I also found these amazing watercolor fabric polka-dots decals on etsy and thought they would be perfect.

I think it turned out great and the kids love playing here.  There’s a reason why you see so many tents and teepees…the kids LOVE them. They were so excited when they first saw it…it was pure joy!

IMG_8979IMG_8968 IMG_9596-1IMG_9600-1IMG_8974 IMG_9180

My dad built this shelf and rod for their dress-up area. We built it really strong and secured it to the studs because I know that my son would likely be doing chin-ups on it.

IMG_9506IMG_9173  IMG_9592 wallIMG_9513IMG_9509art IMG_9162

Kali loves the tent too!

IMG_9583IMG_9439 IMG_9452

Table and chairs
Toucan print
Quilted Floor Pouf
Textured Circle Pillow
Ombre Rope Basket
Art Caddy
Easel (thrifted, but here’s the link)

Etsy Items:

I love etsy so much (I’m a shopkeeper, too!), so I was thrilled to find lots of things here.

Faux Sheepskin Rug (for inside teepee)
Felt Ball Garland (on top of teepee and on window)
Whale print
Polka-Dot Wall Decals

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