Our Nursery

September 29, 2013

We have finally finished the nursery and it was certainly a labor of love!  My dad and Erick put down the new floor TWICE and painted and then we slowly added as we could.  I am so happy with the way it turned out.

Also, as a disclaimer, yes, I know not to use bumper pads with infants.  I just put them up for photos and then will pull them back out at the appropriate time when they are older.

Picture of Erick as a baby:

And, now for the really scary part.  Here are the before pictures. This room used to be Erick’s office.

We can’t wait to see our sweet babies in their nursery.

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  • Vicki Glass

    It is absolutely beautiful….just as I expected it would be.

    • Whitney Anderson

      Thanks, Titi Vicki! 🙂

  • Absolutely stunning!

    • Whitney Anderson

      Thanks, Heather. It’s hard to believe. I just go in there and sit and can’t believe it.

  • ebc

    having followed your blog and journey for the past 3-4, to sign into my reader after a long time away and see this post…your post…titled OUR NURSERY…my heart smiled for you! been catching up on how you got from where i left your story to where i find your story. and the nursery, it’s gorgeous. ~ebc from

    • Whitney Anderson

      Thank you! What a sweet note! Thanks for stopping by. I just subscribed to your new blog and look forward to following along.

  • Nicole

    Can you share where you got your chair and your bedding? I am decorating a boy/girl twin nursery right now and it’s really hard!

    • Whitney Anderson

      Chair was Babies R Us, actually. Bedding is Restoration Hardware Baby & Child — they have lots of good classic options that can be mixed and matched for both genders. Good luck!