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November 8, 2010

Chalk yet another one up for infertility.  I just got the results and this cycle is negative.  I really knew it already…I just knew.  After we got the news that only 50% of the cells survived in both embryos, we knew there wasn’t much hope. I just never could have imagined that after doing IVF four times, the end result would be that we’re still childless.  The only thing we gained is a bunch of emotional baggage from having to go through two more miscarriages.

It’s just so frustrating to have to put your life essentially on hold for two months and go through everything physically and emotionally for nothing.  Again.  Injections for 46 days in a row…46!  It has not been pleasant.  Nor have the other drugs or giving up alcohol, caffeine, exercise, etc.  The doctor appointments aren’t so much fun either.

So, let’s look at the bright side.  I didn’t get pregnant, but I didn’t miscarry.  I’ll take a negative any day over miscarriage if I have to pick between the two.

So, it’s on to IVF#5 in January to coincide with our 5 year anniversary of trying.  My life has a sick sense of humor.  I was hoping to never reach this particular milestone.  Actually, we’d be lucky to start in January, as we’re going to have to save up around $3500 for medicine and anesthesia for a new cycle.

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  • Cory

    I’m sorry Whitney. I was just thinking about you on my way home from work and was planning to text you. I wish I could make different results.. I really do.


  • Oh Whitney, I’m so incredibly sorry, its such a frustrating result after you guys have tried so incredibly hard. Life is so painful unfair sometimes. Thinking of you and hoping you receive lots of love, strength and support as you come to terms with this most recent disappointment.

  • Kelly

    Oh no. I’m so, so sorry. Sending you all the positive vibes I can muster.

  • I am so very sorry. I am currently stimming for IVF #3 (+ 1 FET in thrown in there), so I know the pain of so many failures. Thinking of you and wishing you much love and peace in this time.

    (here from LFCA)

  • I am so sorry for your negative. It is so unfair that you have had to go through four unsuccessful cycles, and two more heartbreaking miscarriages.

    (here from LFCA)

  • Kristi

    Just know that I am thinking of you guys alsways and that I love you bunches!!