I’m a finalist for RESOLVE’s Hope Award for best blog!!

June 23, 2011

Can you believe it?  I can’t.

I’m shocked, but tickled pink at the same time.

Because I participated in the “Bust an Infertility Myth” Bloggers Unite Project as part of National Infertility Awareness Week back in April, I was one of hundreds of blogs to be eligible for this.

Four were chosen by RESOLVE (the National Infertility Association) and I am one of them!  *squeal*  I’m just really floored by this and it’s very flattering and unexpected.

To recap, here were my posts for the “Bust a Myth” challenge:

And, the other great thing that happened during National Infertility Awareness Week was my successful visit with my Congressman about the Family Act legislation.

Please also take the opportunity to check out the other three great bloggers that were nominated:

Time to Vote

It’s your turn to vote.  I would greatly appreciate a few seconds of your time to vote.  I would love to win because then I would get to go to RESOLVE’s Night of Hope event in September, and I think it would be an an amazing experience.

Vote now (please)!


Katie (from IF to when) won the award for this year.  Congrats, Katie!  I love reading your blog.   I’m so honored to have just been nominated.

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  • Congratulations! This is so cool!

  • Jess

    Congrats Whitney, so cool! They only tough thing for me is 3 of the other nominees are also my friends! 😉

  • You have my vote! Good luck!

  • ebc

    WOW…one of four! that’s awesome and well deserved!!

  • I voted! How often can you do it? Every day?

  • Congrats! That’s so exciting!

  • Congrats!!!!!!

  • OFFICIAL congratulations, Whitney!!! I am so happy for you. (Also, you have had the best week ever!!!) 🙂

  • Congratulations!!!!!! You deserve it! So happy for you.

  • Vesna

    I voted for you<3

  • Congrats!!!

  • Congratulations! Very much deserved…

  • Congrats again Whitney 🙂 I just did a post encouraging folks to vote and summarizing each of the blogs that were nominated. Feel free to swing by and check it out!

    Have you voted for RESOLVE’s Best Blog yet?

  • hope32

    congrats on getting nominated 2 years in a row. I am a fellow sufferer like you. If you would like to connect with me, then email me at my email id.
    I wish you all the success and may your dream come true one day.

    • Whitney

      Thank you so much! I’m very sorry you are going through infertility as well. Best wishes to you.