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June 4, 2011

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  • that is just maddening!! THis post was so stressful..I can not imagine what you have been going through! Makes me want to scream! sorry you went through that!

  • That’s awful! I’m sorry you’re having to deal with that. Can you print out the emails and show your doctor, and maybe try it anyway? If I have another miscarriage, we’re going to try the Prednisone, and I did test negative for the immune things.

  • Jay

    Wow. Can you get the original medical records, with reference ranges etc from the lab that did the T cell testing? That you are legally entitled to, then, just fill out a medical records release form, and get that original test result sent to you. Then you can show it to your doctor here then you can bypass the jackass named Dr. Sher completely.

    I always ask for an original of the testing lab’s report, so I know the small details. Its amazing how vague doctors and nurses are when they convey stuff to you, honestly.

  • Holy Moly! What an ass! I would be spitting mad and angry. Your precious money. Your valuable time.I guess you will never really know the truth since you heard 3 separate versions of it. What a waste and what an emotional rollercoaster to go with it.
    I think he is just out to make money and doesn’t really have the decency to check his facts properly.

  • Kelly

    Gosh, how horrible. The word, “frustrating” must not come anywhere close to what you were (and are) feeling.

    I also agree with PP…perhaps you could get a copy of your report, just for your own records.

    I’m so sorry that you had to go through all of this on top of everything else.

  • Erin

    I am outraged by this post. Have you thought about filing a complaint against Dr. Sher with the Nevada State Board of Medical Examiners? It is unprofessional (not to mention downright cruel) to string you along with the hope of this treatment only to say at the last minute that you don’t even have the diagnosis!

  • Erin

    Did he even try to contact you and personally apologize for his “mistake”?

    I also have to wonder if the same thing would have happened had you agreed to go to Las Vegas.

  • A.

    I am sorry you went through all of that- sooo sketchy. It sounds to me like perhaps he was advocating treatment only when he thought there was a possibility you might come out to Las Vegas to cycle with him. Perhaps he never genuinely thought it was medically necessary, but if it was what was going to get you to cycle with him, he was willing to string you along and once it became clear you were staying put, it made no difference to him…just my theory.

  • C

    Wow, I am so sorry you had such a bad experience with him. This is so frustrating, especially given the timing.

  • I’m so sorry you had this experience with him – so very frustrating!

  • This is the first time that I respond on a non-SIRM board to criticism and I probably will not likely do so again. However, this criticism is so unfair…. so beyond the pale…that I cannot allow it to go unanswered.

    I recognize that the subject of immunotherapy in IVF is controversial and have in the past defended criticism for using immunotherapy in cases of immunologic implantation dysfunction causing IVF failure or recurrent pregnancy loss (RPL). However I never in my wildest dreams ever expected to be criticized for withholding treatment in the absence of evidence of an immunologic issue. This is truly “a first”!

    I provided this lady with a one hour free medical telephone consultation as well as the option to have a free follow-up. During our initial conference by telephone I told her (as I do all my patients) that that the conference was intended to be for information gathering only and that he should NOT feel “under ANY obligation to be treated by SIRM”. I believe I used the words “no quid pro quo”! At the conclusion of this (what I believed to have been a “positive” interaction)I suggested that she talk with Sharon (our office administrator) who would forward relevant materials to her, in case she at a later date might wish to seek treatment with us.

    We next communicated when the results of the immune testing were in. I told her that she did NOT have natural Killer cell activation relating an autoimmune or alloimmune (DQ alpha/HLA match with her partner)and thus that her RPL was unlikely to be due to an immunologic cause. I indeed informed her that she had increased T-cells but that I did not believe that this alone could explain an implantation dysfunction. However I went on to say that since IL therapy was very inexpensive and safe, she might use it prophylactically.

    The lady informed me that she could not be treated in LV and I agreed, upon her request to talk with her local RE about her case. I subsequently spoke with him, at which time I told him directly that she did NOT have an immunologic explanation for her RPL that warranted treatment with IL.

    I wish to point out that I have on no occasion in the past ever recommended immunotherapy as a remedy for implantation dysfunction when there was no evidence of activated NK cells (NKa) by the K-562 target cell test. I challenge anyone to show differently…… and I did NOT do so in this case either.

    I understand this lady’s frustration in not being able to find a definitive answer for her terrible problem and I wish her well.

    In conclusion, I pose the question; What possible motive could I have had for telling her local RE anything different to what I told her? I leave by asking her to first examine her motive for this erroneous and very unfair criticism and then her conscience!

    Perhaps in the future I should re-examine my willingness to talk to patients’ RE’s on their cases.

    Geoff Sher

    P.S. For more comprehensive information on my declared approach to immunologic implantation dysfunction, unexplained IVF failure and RPL please refer you to my blog, Simply type the subject matter into the search bar on the home page and it will lead you to the relevant article(s).

    Geoff Sher

  • Karen

    With all due respect, Dr. Sher, the “lady’s” name is Whitney. And she does have a terrible problem as I, too, suffer under similar circumstances. Things can be misunderstood in interactions between two people, but throw in nurses, other doctors, administrators, secretaries, receptionists, etc., and it can get downright messy. Most of us deal with reproductive endocrinologists who aren’t on board with treating for immune issues or genetic testing on embryos. We are women fighting to solve our issues, often relying on help from doctors and nurses who cannot understand the emotional pain we are in. As far as I can tell from reading Whitney’s blog to this point, she is a woman doing the best she can under extremely difficult circumstances.

  • Whitney Anderson

    Thank you, Karen. =)

    It’s too bad that Dr. Sher was offended because I’m upset about how things turned out. I don’t see how you could not be upset? The fact is that he told me over the phone that my issue could be treated with intralipids and steroids…he did not say prophylactically. Otherwise, I would not have been hellbent to get the treatment.

    I truly don’t think he did it on purpose or had some ulterior motive. I think he maybe was thinking I had NK cells or confused me with someone else. No idea.

    Clearly, he disagrees on the conversation we had, but I have two things to say about that:

    One. I remember it very CLEARLY. My whole life revolves around finding answers and moving forward. I took this call very seriously and took notes.

    Two. Then, I emailed him and said “We would like to treat my activated T cell problem with your recommended treatment. Will you please tell me how we can coordinate this? Would you be able to consult with my doctor to coordinate treatment?”

    He responded by saying, “Yes, your RE is welcome to call me for input.”

    I just don’t see another way to interpret that exchange.

    I am not looking for treatment when I don’t need it. I was simply looking for the truth.

    It now is abundantly clear that Dr. Sher does not think activated T cells need treatment. Great, now I know for sure that I don’t need it.

    However, it caused me a lot of time and frustration on top of an already emotionally draining process.