Miss you, Ellie

May 17, 2010

Last month, on April 15th, my parents’ golden retriever, Ellie, died unexpectantly.   Her vet thinks she had a heart attack.  I still can’t believe it.   I loved her so much and I just can’t believe she’s gone.  It’s been very hard on Mom and Dad and I feel so bad for them.

It’s hard to go to their house and not see her coming out of the garage to greet us.  And, not seeing her bed in the living room and all of her stuff in the garage.

She was such a good, sweet girl and there’ll never be another like her.  She truly had the sweetest soul.

I didn’t get to say goodbye to her as we were in Puerto Rico when it happened and I absolutely hate that.  I wish we had been here to at least say bye and get one last hug.  Goodbye, sweetie.  I hope you’re in heaven, doing all the things you love and then some.  I hope you’re digging really big holes and have lots of rope toys.

I made a photo book of her for Mom and Dad and here are some of things I included in the book that I want to always remember about Ellie.

  • The way she always put her head under your hand for more pets.
  • The way she would contort and lean out of her bed to be closer to you.
  • The way she would run and rip in the driveway.
  • The way she was always licking, she looked like a little frog trying to catch a fly.
  • That she got bold at Whitney and Erick’s house and would bark at the neighbor’s dog.
  • The time she got in trouble with Maya for barking at Cameron and Jes’ house .
  • How wonderfully sweet she was.
  • She was such a good girl, always behaving, always courteous, always obedient.
  • The fact that she dug near the trash can.  Dad would get mad, but it was cute that she was “acting like a dog.”
  • The way she would shake and whimper when she would see people she liked.
  • Walking around with her rope ball in her mouth.
  • After a bath, she would almost always go roll in the wet grass.
  • Her curly hair and little toe tufts.
  • Her nicknames: Ellicus Wellicus, Love Bunny, Ella, Mort, Ralph, Freckle Tongue, Froggie Dog, Hair Factory
  • How she ate a tunnel through the boxwoods on Maiden Lane and ate the rose bushes down to nothing.
  • How she used to lay in the deck chair as her bed on Maiden Lane.
  • How her and Mollie became good friends and would enjoy each other’s company.
  • How she would accompany Dad around town for errands, going to McDonald’s, etc.
  • She could drool water with the best of them and then come and get you wet.
  • She liked to run up to you without stopping in time and then step on your foot.
  • The way she curled up in her bed and would spin to reposition.
  • Her “bear” face while playing with Kali.
  • The way the Aspen Grove staff would rave about her.
  • She always liked to eat acorns.
  • Her kind eyes.
  • How she would work the room by going from person to person for loving.

Life is very precious.  Please enjoy every single day you have with your beloved dogs, other animals and family, of course,  as you never know when it could be the last.

Love you, Ellie!

Photo gallery of some of my favorite photos of Ellie.

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  • June Gregory

    Soooooooo sweet. I love reading your posts. Would love to meet you sometime Whitney.

    June Gregory
    Customer of Erick’s

  • Whitney

    Thanks, June. I hear Erick speak of you, so I recognized your name. I hope to meet you sometime, too.

  • Very sorry to hear that. Our Golden, Rooster, also passed away recently (March). He was 8. Heartbreaking. He developed a sudden heart condition and declined from absolutely healthy to gone in about 7 weeks. I still miss him terribly.

  • Whitney


    Sorry to hear that. I’m starting to hear similar stories from others as well. I never knew Goldens were prone to heart problems. Ellie was fine one minute and then gone in 2 hours.