Major Milestone

April 22, 2013

Note: I know that many people that follow this blog are going through infertility themselves.  I do plan to blog about Nicole’s pregnancy, so please just skip these posts if it’s too hard for you. 

We had our 8-week ultrasound on April 12th.  Unfortunately, we were not able to go to this appointment, which was the first one with her OB.   So, we planned to be there via Facetime.  Except that the doctor wouldn’t allow it, but instead allowed us to call in and be on speaker phone.  It turned out to be very nerve-wracking this way.

I was really nervous and not being able to see what was going on was driving me crazy.  Have they not started the ultrasound yet or can they not find the babies?  I felt like I was going to be sick.  Finally, we hear them saying, here’s baby number one.  Thank God!  And, then baby number 2!  We couldn’t hear much of what the doctor was saying, but what we did get to hear was absolutely amazing.

Thump, thump, thump, thump, thump…

The baby’s heartbeat, loud and clear.  I just started crying uncontrollably and put the phone on mute.  What a relief.  This was our first time hearing the heartbeats, as the last place didn’t have that capability.

What an amazing and glorious sound.

Eight weeks was a huge milestone for us.  It marked the farthest that we have made it with IVF.  Previously, my last miscarriage was at 7 weeks and 6 days, just one day shy of 8 weeks.  So, the week leading up to this ultrasound was hard for me.

We are thrilled for this milestone and for the good reports.  Both babies are measuring right on track and have strong heartbeats.  We are so unbelievably shocked and grateful.

We have now passed 9 weeks and count each and every day as a huge blessing and a major hurdle that’s been overcome.  The farthest we have ever made it was around 11 weeks around 6 years ago, so I can’t wait to get past that point.

Our next appointment is at 12 weeks with the MFM (Maternal Fetal Medicine specialist).  We will be seeing the MFM, since a twin pregnancy carries more risks.  We can’t wait for this appointment, but truly I don’t know if I can make it that long.  For someone who has experienced multiple loss, 4 weeks is a ridiculous amount of time to wait.

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  • Katie

    So happy to read that everything is going well, Whitney! I hope the next four weeks fly by. 🙂

    • Whitney Anderson

      Thanks, Katie. Me, too. It’ll be the day after advocacy day. What a week!

  • Hi from ICLW. Congratulations!

    • Whitney Anderson

      Thanks for stopping by, Rebecca. And, thank you!

  • Jessica Tennant

    Congratulations! I can imagine that is the most beautiful sound. Here’s to lots more thumpthumpthumpthumpthumps!

    • Whitney Anderson

      haha!! Yes, lot more thump thumps!

  • Thinking of you these next 4 weeks, but at least you made it this far -congrats!

    • Whitney Anderson

      Yes, we are thrilled to have made it this far. Praying every day for each new day. Thank you!

  • Hi! I’m here from ICLW, and just now catching up on your story. Wow! Congratulations on the pregnancy! I’m absolutely fascinated by surrogacy stories. I have a friend who was a surrogate, and her relationship with the parents is like none other I’ve ever seen before. I hope things continue to go well with the twins, and I hope your appointments with the surgeons help you make a decision regarding your hip.

    • Whitney Anderson

      Hi, Thanks so much for stopping by. I’m amazed by surrogacy, too!! I have to pinch myself regularly. Our carrier is the most amazing young lady…truly remarkable. And, yes, we already have a very special bond. 🙂

  • donna

    just wanted to say i will be thinking of your family in the coming weeks. my husband and myself had to deal with infertility. we were blessed almost 1 year ago with our wonderful twins thru ivf. best wishes for a healthy pregnancy.