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Looking Glass Falls

June 30, 2017

Erick and I recently took a weekend trip to Asheville to celebrate our anniversary.  Our first stop was a gorgeous waterfall called Looking Glass Falls. It had been a nice sunny day, but as we got closer to the general area, it became gray and then as we got into the forest, it started to pour down. I inwardly thought to myself greeeeaattt. It’s about an hour south of Asheville and we were already almost there, so we decided to proceed.

We parked right on the side of the road and were immediately greeted with a great view of the waterfall. I was very pleasantly surprised to see that there were steps down the waterfall as something I read said it was a scramble down. Clearly my research was lacking and hasty.

We had umbrellas so that we could keep the camera dry and it was difficult to balance the camera and an umbrella.  We took some pictures and then I decided to get in the pool in front of the waterfall. Let me tell you, you just haven’t lived until you have stood in front of a roaring waterfall in the pouring rain. Talk about awakening the senses. I cannot accurately describe to you how cold that water was even in mid-June. It was paralyzing it was so cold. I absolutely did not expect it to be warm but it was much, much colder than I would have guessed.

It was a great experience, but hard to get decent photos, while trying not to slip on a rock, drop the camera in water, keep the lens try and balance the umbrella.

Another girl there told us we were lucky because usually it’s packed. Seriously, like five minutes after she said that, droves of people showed up. I offhandedly remarked to Erick, “What??! Did a bus just show up?”  Well, yes…yes, it did. It was pretty impossible to enjoy anything after everyone descended on the falls.

So, we are indeed lucky that it was raining.


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