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La Alhambra (Granada, Spain)

October 8, 2012

I have so many gorgeous pictures from the Alhambra that it is deserving of its own post.

The Alhambra is beautiful.  We had already been to the Alcazar Real in Sevilla, so I was expecting something similar.  I guess in some ways it was, but it was much more beautiful in my opinion.  Also, the Alhambra is massive.  The gardens of the Generalife alone are huge and then there’s the Alcazaba and the Nasrid Palace.

Due to the location high on a hill which can be seen from the city all around, it reminded me of the Acropolis in Athens.

The day we went, it was so hot. Very hot. Southern Spain in mid-August hot.  Pull out my umbrella for shade and look like a total d-bag hot.  Therefore, I think this would be an even more amazing place to visit in spring or fall.

We started out in the morning at the Generalife Gardens.  It was just one gorgeous garden after another.  Many of them with fountains.  The use of water in these ancient Arab palaces is quite spectacular.

Later we went to the Alcazaba, where there was no shade and the temps were rising…so we cruised through there pretty quickly.

Finally, we went to the Nasrid Palace, which was so incredibly stunning for it’s craftmanship, layout, use of water, color, etc.

What to know before going

Buy your tickets online!!! I wouldn’t normally think to do this for an attraction like this, but they do sell out! Or you could get stuck having to show up and return at a later time and go in the hottest part of the afternoon.

Pick the tickets up at a La Caixa box (ATM-like) before you go! If not, there are HUGE lines to buy tickets and HUGE lines to pick up tickets!

Take your time at the Generalife and make sure to show up for the Nasrid Palace at your appointed time.


Nasrid Palace

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  • Lindy

    I wish there was a like button. Those gardens are gorgeous!

  • Kate

    Hi just reading your blog. Great job I am interested in making a similar trip in morocco and Spain. How many days overall was your trip?

    • Whitney Anderson

      Hi Kate! Thank you! It was 12 days total. I would have given more time for Morocco though. Good luck to you!