It pays to make your voice heard

July 8, 2010

After my unfortunate visit to the ER, where I was not treated kindly after our miscarriage, I wrote a letter to Carilion.  I emailed it to them and within one hour received a phone call from one of the Vice Presidents.   She was absolutely appalled at the behavior of the person at their front desk.   She was really genuine and very sorry for our loss.  She said the compassion is very important to them and that this would be looked into.  Also, she just happened to hear about my complaint and wasn’t even the one to handle it, but wanted to call me personally anyway.  Wow, I was impressed.

Then, I got an email from the ER practice director apologizing as well.  She asked if it would be ok for her to use my story and my letter as a learning experience for her staff.  Of course…that’s what I was hoping for.  I mean I realize that this girl is only ONE person in a large operation and does not necessarily reflect the values of the whole.  However, this person does need an attitude adjustment and I wanted to make them aware.  The director also said that the Unit Director would be contacting me as well.

While I might always remember how that girl treated me, I will definitely remember the words and actions of these directors and VPs who took my complaint very seriously and acted swiftly.

I really feel good about my decision to contact them and feel good about the outcome.  I hope that no other woman in my situation will have go to that ER and be treated so unkindly now.

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  • A

    Thank you for your comments on my blog.

    I admire that you’re a woman of action! Your letter definitely made an impact.

    And I’m so, so sorry that you lost your baby.

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  • I can’t believe this … but then, I can. It amazes me that under many insurance plans, women who have miscarried have to pay for ultrasounds that would be covered if they’re pregnant, because there’s “nothing wrong with them.” It amazes me that miscarriage is not covered under bereavement policies. There’s a lot of work to be done … one day at a time. I’m so glad that you wrote this letter, even though it must have been so painful to write.

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  • Heather

    Good for you for speaking up. I’m glad that you did get a reaction out of the people that mattered and I hope that in future they do act more caring. Some people just don’t have a clue, hey…