I’ll make my own treatment decisions, thank you

January 30, 2012

In case you missed it in the news, Newt Gingrich has been talking about IVF.  Finally some support at the highest level?  No, not at all.  Exactly the opposite — government intervention in women’s fertility.

Newt Gingrich is calling for “a commission to study the ethics of in vitro fertilization.” Going down that road is very dangerous and could eventually ban the practice of IVF. RESOLVE has this to say on its website:

“Forming a commission” is often government talk for “put something together that looks objective but really will reach the conclusion we want in the end.”

We can’t allow the government to rule how we treat our disease. This is our decision, our treatment.

Gingrich is taking an even more conservative stance than the dangerous Personhood legislation.  He also seems to be bringing up the ethics of IVF as an aside to the the issues surrounding stem cell research and even trying to marry the two issues. They are completely separate issues, so it seems to me that he’s just using stem cell research questions as a guise to further his agenda to ban IVF.

The idea is preposterous. He seems to be alleging that IVF is immoral. It’s treatment for a medical problem. If some would argue it’s playing God, where does that end?  Is saving someone from a horrific accident playing God?  Is treating someone having a heart attack playing God?  Is Gingrich also going to start proposing that we not treat other diseases? Or that we form a commission to examine the ethics of treating serious illnesses?

Once again, IVF is a medical treatment for the disease of infertility.

He’s also questioning what IVF patients do with their embryos.  That’s my decision, thank you very much.  I could discuss all of the options and the pros and cons for each, but I won’t.  The only argument that matters is that it’s my decision.

Also, it seems that his newly changed position on the issue is just to shore up his Catholic and conservative Christian voters.  But, if he’s so Catholic, why isn’t he with his one and true wife according to Catholic law?  In 2001, he supported stem cell research using donated embryos from fertility clinics.  Now, to get voters, he will say whatever he thinks will get him further in his quest for the Republican nomination, even if it involves oppressing women’s rights. His shamelessness knows no bounds.

Newt, you can stay out of my uterus, and out of my treatment decisions!  However, if you’d like to get involved, how about assisting with a better standard of care?  How about assisting with public awareness?

I urge all of you to please stay informed and get involved.  For yourself, for your friends and for those not yet diagnosed with infertility problems. For the 1 in 8 couples in this country.

Please see RESOLVE’s response to Newt’s comments.

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  • Even Mississippi, that bastion of conservative thought, voted down the personhood amendment, primarily over the inclusion of IVF, I believe.

    Thank goodness sanctimonious Newt, who only applies standards to other people and never himself, will never see the Presidency.

    • Whitney Anderson

      I hope he won’t!

  • Well said. Yet another politician who has no business being in my uterus!

  • Jess

    It’s gross. They’ll say anything really to get elected. It’s so offensive, you are much better spoken about this, than I!

  • Karen

    Oh, he’s an unethical and immoral idiot. I can’t even believe anyone is taking him seriously as a candidate for any f’ing elected office. That said, IF the idiot somehow got elected and IF he somehow conviced enough lawmakers to ban IVF, almost every other country on this globe offers ivf and he damn well can’t regulate them!

  • I don’t know what to say. It’s the same everywhere. They’ll say anything to collect a few more votes; it’s disgusting!!! It’s always possible to start a petition at, or some similar site, to protest. It should generate some attention in the media as well and, that would be good for public awareness. I’d be happy to do it, but it’d be better if an American woman took that initiative. I’ll be more than happy to sign however if you or someone else want to set it up…

    • Whitney

      Thanks, Helene! Unfortunately the fight has come to my state, but I’m doing everything I can to fight it. Best wishes to you!