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April 20, 2011

If you don’t know what ICLW is, just ignore this post.

For those here from ICLW — Welcome!

Here’s the recap on my story:
TTC 5+ years
3 IUIs
5 IVFs
4 miscarriages
2 bouts of OHSS

Fun Drugs: Lovenox (of all my meds, this one is the most terrible)
My problems:
luteal phase defect, Factor V Leiden, activated T cells (CD8+, CD5+), Uterine Septum removed 10/08, severe cervical dysplasia pre-cancer – 2 surgeries
Testing Done: Maternal and Paternal Karyotyping, RPL panel, full immune workup

We just had our fourth miscarriage in February and after that sought a 2nd and 3rd opinion.  One doctor ordered a full immune work-up, which revealed a new problem with activated T cells.  The treatment is prednisone and intralipid infusions.  So, I’m hoping to add this to the mix for our next frozen transfer, which will be IVF#6.  Deciding what was next was really hard {see my decision flowchart here}. We are pretty spent emotionally, physically and financially–so, this might be the last try.  I don’t have hardly any hope, but feel I need to try one more time.

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  • Hello from ICLW! I love that you have an intro for ICLW! I think I might borrow that idea! Looks like you’ve had quite the journey. Sending you lots of good vibes for future success…and a great ICLW week! 🙂

  • S

    Here from ICLW. Thanks for visiting my blog!

    I hope this “last try” will be the last one you will need to become parents!

  • I completely agree with your assessment about Lovenox – that one sucks! Between the pain of the shots, and the huge bruises all over my belly, I hate it!

    I have so much hope for this FET, as you know, I’m a huge believer in the immunology aspect of infertility…

  • Stopping by from ICLW…I’m sorry to hear about your recent loss. Hopefully this new treatment will be all that you need. GL!

  • Whitney,

    Thank you for commenting. I’m so truly saddened to read your story. I do know that whatever you face, you’ll do it with strength.

    I hope you’ll take another look. The continuation of the story is now up. It involves a dog 😉

    Best always,

  • Happy April ICLW! I just recently found out, after requesting copies of my records, that I am heterozygous for MTHFR C677T. Dr. tells me that it may or may not have something to do with my multiple miscarriages and I will be talking to my RE about it at our follow-up appointment tomorrow. Lovenox is often mentioned in anything I read about treatments for MTHFR mutations. So perhaps I will be commisserating with you in Lovenox pain and discomfort soon enough!! This journey is certainly exhausting and has lots of twists and turns. I hope this next cycle goes well for you!

  • Whitney, thank you for visiting my blog. You are one strong woman to continue with this journey notwithstanding what happened to you. When I read stories like yours, my struggles are nothing in comparison. From the bottom of my heart I wish you a successful pregnancy with your next cycle. Good luck!!!

  • Hey Whitney, thanks for visiting my blog! I’m so sorry about your losses and I’m crossing my fingers that you will get good results from the next IVF round.

  • Hi Whitney,
    Stopping by from ICLW. I am right there with you. Lovenox sucks. It hurts so bad. It is the one subcutaneous injection I still make my husband do when he is around because it is so painful. Just did my third FET and thought it failed so we got a 2nd opinion as well. This time we did a full immunological workup just like you. Waiting on the results now. I hope this next cycle gives you what you are hoping for.

  • ebc

    hoping this next FET is finally the sticky lucky for you guys after all you’ve survived!

  • ebc

    and now for the rest of my comment…

    if you do the blog award thing, i gave you one over at my blog. 🙂

  • Hello from ICLW. Good luck with your frozen cycle. I wish you the best of luck. Thanks for stopping by my blog!