I just held a baby tiger.

June 25, 2011

I just held a baby tiger!!!!!!!!!!!!  How cool is that? I was so excited I could hardly stand it.  I don’t think they are many opportunities to do that, especially here at home, so I was thrilled that we could do this.  A local zoo, Natural Bridge Zoo, has two new baby tiger cubs.  Zeus, the white bengal and Apollo, the orange bengal.  You pay $40 for up to three people to have your photo taken with the cub and hold him.  The proceeds go to building a new tiger habitat.  That was the best $40 I’ve spent in a long time.  It was so much fun.

We got to hold Zeus and he was so stinkin’ cute and sweet.  He was drinking his bottle and then was very content and well behaved on our lap.

I want to go back!

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  • This is so cool! What an amazing picture with Zeus!!!

  • SO cute! And a wonderful picture too.

  • OMG, he is soooooo cute! I’m dying of jealousy!

  • Now that is an amazing thing!! You are so lucky to be able to hold (and document!) a baby tiger. I agree, best $40 spent!

  • That’s totally awesome! I would love to hold a baby cub!

  • Oh my gosh! That is so cool. Definitely money well spent. I hope you frame that photo. 🙂

  • Cute photo!!! Thinking of you guys and hoping all is well with your FET. xo

  • Oh my gosh, how stinking adorable!! I would SO do this, too!! Y’all look precious!