I hate intra-muscular injections.

June 12, 2011

As the bruises on my stomach are fading from my 40+ days of injections, I started a “new” intra-muscular injection in the hip a few days ago and it’s kicking my butt, literally.  It’s progesterone in oil and it’s standard protocol for IVF.  However, 5 IVFs ago, I was very sick with OHSS and couldn’t stand to continue these, so I have been on Endometrin (a different form) ever since.

Well, I’m back to these awful injections just so that I know I did everything I could.  I’m putting my big girl pants on and doing this, but I’m kicking and screaming the entire way.

As if the injection itself isn’t bad enough…thick 2″ needle anyone?  These things have lasting effects and make my hind end and lower back really sore to downright painful.  Now, that the effects from several days are cumulative, it’s not good.  It hurts to sit with my back against something…in other words, to relax instead of being perched on the edge of a chair.  It hurts to lay down and now it even hurts to walk sometimes.  This is just ridiculous.  Just imagine how your arm feels after a bad flu shot or tetanus shot, the way it aches for days.  Well, this is the same, but I have to get a new one each day even though the previous one/s have not stopped hurting.

I wake up in the morning, and then quickly realize it’s time for my injection again and feel sick.  You’d think after doing so many injections, this wouldn’t be so bad.  Now, when I have to add another heinous injection (Lovenox) to the mix, life is really going to get bad for me.  Lovenox is the opposite, ridiculously painful going in –the medicine feels like 1,000 knives on fire going in.   But, unless it bruises and it’s prone to do so, there are no lasting effects.

I truly just can’t figure out if it’s this bad for everyone or they just affect me particularly bad.  I even have a whole routine of warming the oil, then massaging it in, then sitting on a heating pad.  Any other tips, ladies? Is it this bad for you, too?

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  • I agree on the PIO! I’ve been taking mine for ~6wk now, 1/day at night. Here is what I’ve discovered that helps –
    It doesn’t completely prevent the soreness and I still get some sciatic irritation, but unless thumped in the area, I’m alright.

    Here are a few things that I found also matter-
    1) gauge of the injection needle: I have 23G to draw and 25G to inject. I had to use my 23G 2x for injection when out of town and things hurt far far worse.
    2) the oil the P4 is suspended in: My Rx is for P4 in ethyl oleate, which is decently thin. I was given a full vial of P4 in sesame oil that was so thick drawing it took forever and it left knots at the site.

    Good luck on finding a routine that helps to minimize the discomfort. I truly feel your pain. Just know that they are worth it!

  • I haven’t had to do these, but it sounds absolutely awful. Sucks that you have to deal with so much physical discomfort.
    Hugs to you…

  • Ugh, I hate the PIO’s too! I was on them daily until 12wks of pregnancy and then due to preterm labor risk I’ve been on them weekly since 16wks in my pregnancy and have to continue until reaching 37wks. I agree with you they’re rough and I’m usually sore afterwards as well, but all worth if it leads to a healthy baby. It really sucks we have to go through so much though when other people just have sex and then end up with a baby.

  • it is complete hell! I tell you! You are not alone here! Every night, my husband mixes the medicine and warms it under his shirt for 30 minutes. The first month of doing this, I put ice on my hip, and then did it( it did not hurt completely) and then he would massage the area and then heat for two minutes and then walk around for 10 to fifteen. Now in the second month, no ice no heat..just shot( it really freaking hurts) then massage for 5 then walk. The ice actually created lumps and I would have such anxiety that the cold froze the progesterone. So I am in pain for the minute of the shot. It is real hell though. remember to alternate hips. For some reason my right hurts more than my left.

  • I have always hated shots and was pretty scared of the PIO shots. I managed to get through the 12 weeks surprisingly well, tho. Here are a few tips I recommend:
    It made a big difference for me to make sure that I was either sitting or lying down during the shot. When I did it standing, the muscle was not relaxed, which caused problems.
    Also my husband massaged the area afterward, which I think helped a lot. I never got knots.
    I also used Emla numbing cream on the spot about 15-20 minutes before the shot, and rarely felt the needle.
    Good luck!!!

  • C

    I was on 2 a days for my IVF cycle. It sucked balls. Here was my routine: draw with 18g needle; set syringe on heating pad for 5-10 min to warm and thin oil; switch to 25g needle; inject; use heating pad on myself for 10 minutes. I think thinning the oil by heating it up first helped. But it still sucks. I remember playing soccer even 5 weeks out from my last injection, and I could still feel the pain in my hips when I ran.

  • Just wanted to let you know…I feel your pain!!! I am starting PIO injections this week AND I’ll also be starting lovenox. This sucks!!!!!

  • Ugh – PIO and Lovenox are the worst, but you’re right, each in their own special way… I think I’ve decided PIO is worse than Lovenox, simply because it causes pain throughout the day. And I wasn’t really planning on showing my fabulous belly in public anyway – the Lovenox bruises don’t really change anything… Good luck with your shots! I gave myself a small piece of chocolate after each PIO shot…

  • Ugh, they really do suck. I’m on progesterone suppositories for now, but I definitely remember the PIO days….I have a slightly smaller needle for my intramusculars. 22 1/2 gauge – might not make a huge difference, but every little bit could help. I think you deserve a weekly massage… 🙂

  • I feel your pain as well. I’ve been doing these once a night for a week. Are you doing them yourself or is your hubby giving them to you? Mine darts it in really fast and I barely feel the needle. And then he slowly injects the oil. It takes forever but I think it helps. Then I sit on the heating pad and walk around for 30 minutes or so. Those things have helped but it doesn’t take all of the soreness away. It hurts to sit, stand, walk, etc. What a pain!

  • Thanks, everyone. Yes, I’m doing all of those things. The injection itself isn’t so bad, it’s later (and always) that it hurts. It just seems to be getting worse and worse. I’m so miserable. I’m really having a hard time moving around and sitting at work.

  • Kristel

    Hey Whitney, I just read this … let’s see I did transfers and did POI each time. Let’s just say I actually have scar tissue in my hips now. My right is worse than my left. I tried anything and everything to take away the pain, but towards the end I was hitting scar tissue and forming knots all over. The only thing that I found that seemed to feel “okay” for me was warming the hip before doing the injection. I had always tried icing before, but one time I was out of town and unable to get to any ice so I chose to run a rag under hot water from the bathroom sink and it seemed to work. I guess it loosens everything up in the injection site. I hope all is going well for you …. I’ve been saying special prayers and sending them your way!!!!

  • Kristel

    Oh and I meant to tell you … I also did Lovenox and let me tell you, nothing can take away the “bee sting” feeling. UGH!!! I did those in my arms. As far as the lasting effects from POI … I was uncomfortable the whole time I was on POI and usually about another 2 weeks after stopping the shots. 🙁 Sorry hun … I don’t have any advice for you! But just know you’re not alone!!!