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How I Use iGoogle

November 24, 2008

I use iGoogle to help me keep up with the scads of information and news floating around on any given day.  I also use it as my default homepage.


What is iGoogle?
Simple.  Just a customized Google page.

What’s cool about it?
It’s like your personal online manager.  It’s a great place to start – you can, of course, perform your Google searches from here.  You can also see all of your customized information – the information you’ve chosen to see.  For example, my iGoogle includes my gmail, google reader (this is a whole separate topic for another day), weather, movie times, CNN news, ESPN college football rankings, etc.  So, I can see all of these things at a glance all on my default browser homepage.

How to do this yourself

  1. Create a Google account (if you don’t already have one)
  2. Then, go to and click sign in at the top and use your newly created google account info.
  3. Then, customize your igoogle page by adding “gadgets”.  Click on the top right link that says “Add stuff” – here you can search for things that interest you.  (i.e. humor, games, politics, news)  The adding stuff can get ridiculous as you can overload on useless info, so try to pick accordingly.

How to make it even better
You’ve gotten the basics now.  You can stop there or take it to a whole new level. Coming soon – Google Reader and RSS.

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