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Greek food in Oia, Santorini

November 14, 2010

The food was so good that I decided to dedicate a whole post to this topic.


Horiatiki (Greek salad)
I got this almost everywhere.  It’s so fresh and delicious.  It’s quartered tomatoes, cucumbers, onions, green pepper, capers, oregano, feta and oil and vinegar.  It would vary slightly from place to place, but it was always about the same.  I have had what’s called horiatiki on the menu of places in the states, and it was nothing like this.  In fact, it’s an abomination for the places here at home to even call it that.

Baked Feta
Before going to Greece, I had no idea this even existed.  This is my new favorite appetizer.  It’s a slice of feta with diced tomatoes, sometimes green pepper, a little olive oil and oregano baked and served with crusty bread.  This was absolutely delicious and I ended up ordering it several times.

I love this. It’s a cucumber and dill sauce.  I had it at lots of places.  I get it at home and it’s pretty good, though this was better of course.


Oia (above Ammoudi port with ocean views)

We loved this place.  We had lunch here, just drinks and dinner.  It’s on the path to the Ammoudi port, just down a few steps.  It has lovely ocean views.  We thoroughly enjoyed just sitting here and resting, while having a cold Mythos and a Coke.  It’s not expensive and we liked the menu.  Dinner here was by candlelight and very romantic.  Everything we tried here was delicious.  Also, this is the place that had stuff delivered by donkey while we were eating there one day.  Poor donkey was totally loaded up with wine, alcohol, beer and water.  But I guess that’s the only way to get the stuff there since it’s down a few steps.

Kastro at night

Lunch – bruschetta with olives and feta and a glass of assyrtiko

Vegetable tart

Location: Oia (Main pedestrian walkway with caldera view)

Skala is nice place, not too expensive.  I had several small dishes and Erick had pasta, which surprisingly most restaurants had.  I guess it’s the Italian influence, since Italy isn’t too far away.

Skala is the top left of the photo.  From here, you can watch the donkeys coming up the Armeni path in the evenings.


Stuffed mushrooms

Nectar & Ambrosia
Location: Oia (where road forks near sunset path)

This was probably our favorite meal.  The food was delicious. I had the couscous-stuffed tomatoes and the pumpkin ravioli, while Erick had the chicken with fig sauce.  The service was excellent –our server was great and very attentive.  This is a very small place, but loaded with charm.  It’s right where the road forks at the end of Oia and where the sunset path starts.  This was the most expensive meal we had, but we thought it was worth every penny.

Tomatoes stuffed with couscous

Pumpkin ravioli

Sunset Taverna
Location: Ammoudi Bay

This was a really fun night out.  Ammoudi port is so charming and we got a table right literally on the water.  Erick was afraid I would fall in since I’m such a klutz.  Of course, they mainly serve seafood and it’s quite expensive.  However, Erick got the only meat on the menu, a pork chop I think, and it was not expensive.  And, I got fava dip, kefetides (tomato balls) and horiatiki.  All delicious!  We had a front row seat to the sun setting and it was beautiful.

Delicious fava

Melevia Bakery
Location: Oia (Main pedestrian walkway with caldera view)

We had breakfast here one day and I had the best bacon & veggie souffle.  It was so good…I’ve never had a souffle this good – it was moist and flavorful.  Yum!  We had to come back again, of course.  Erick had the chocolate brioche and it was enormous.

Location: Oia (sort of on sunset side, back from main pedestrian road)

I had read good things about this place and we were not disappointed.  It was casual upscale if that makes sense.  Also, after we had already been, a local recommended it as one of her favorite places.  I was pleased with myself that we had already found it on our own.  We had really good service here.  We typically found service in Greece to not be what we are used to, but nothing wrong with it either, just a cultural difference.  However, we felt that the service here was more personable and excellent.

Location: Oia (Main pedestrian walkway with caldera view)

This place is simple, but had great food.  It has a nice caldera view.  We had really good baked feta here.

Grill House (Niko’s Place)
Location: Oia (by bus station)

This is the place that locals go for souvlaki and gyros.  You would never guess it, as it’s on a small little street right by the bus station.  Do not miss eating here if you go to Oia.  It’s a great place for lunch and they do delivery orders, too.  This was the best I’ve ever had, for sure.

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  • Jess

    Beautiful photos- it looks like such an amazingly beautiful place. And the food, it is making my mouth water. We are pretty lucky in Phila we have two four star dining type Greek restaraunts that do have comparable stuff. But I am sure it doesn’t taste as good.

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  • Amanda

    Thank you! We’re in Oia now and this is one of the most helpful posts for finding all these delicious restaurants!

    • Whitney Anderson

      Glad it’s helpful! I’m SO jealous that you are there now. We fell in love with Oia.

  • Diane

    Have just come back from Oia, Santorini. This site was very handy, as there are so many restaurants to choose from. Thank you for taking the time to post your reviews. X

  • Kara D

    We were in Santorini last week, and used this page as our guide! We loved Skala, the gyro place (Niko’s Place), and Kyprida! Our waitress at Kyprida asked for your blog address when we told her we found this place through you. She was very pleased! 🙂 The only regret I have was I didn’t have enough time to try the bacon-veggie souffle from Melevia Bakery. Thank you!!!

    • Whitney Anderson

      I’m so glad to hear that and so jealous! I want to go back so bad!!! 🙂

      • Kara D

        If I may, I’d suggest you should try checking out Chania, Crete – if you ever get the opportunity to go back. While Santorini was beautiful, we all (there were 5 of us friends that traveled) absolutely fell in love with old town Chania and it’s charm.