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Gone, but not forgotten

September 3, 2011

I am thinking a lot about all of our five babies that didn’t make it.  I know that Erick and I are the only ones who do.  And, we feel robbed in so many ways.  We never got to meet them.  They didn’t even get names.

So, I decided to do something to memorialize their existence by having this photo made.


I know it seems stupid, but this photo is comforting to me and it feels good to do even the smallest thing in their memory.

This wonderful lady named Carly in Australia does these photos in memory of her son Christian.  You can have this done too at

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  • Kelly

    This is a beautiful idea. I’m glad it’s a source of comfort to you.

  • It’s a gorgeous photo, Whitney.

  • And I’m bawling now 🙂

  • That is truly beautiful.

  • jaclyn

    It doesn’t seem silly at all! I’m glad it brings you comfort, and it looks beautiful.

  • that is beautiful!!!

  • Beautiful!

  • How beautiful!!! What a wonderful way to remember each of your losses…

  • I think this is beautiful. What a wonderful way to honor your journey. Wishing you all the best with your next phase.

  • What a touching way for you to honor your babies. Not stupid at all.

  • Absolutely perfect…

  • It’s a beautiful photo. I don’t think it is stupid at all either. I think it’s a great way to remember your five babies.

  • ebc

    i don’t think it’s stupid at.all!! it’s so hard when they didn’t leave anything physical behind. i had a piece of art done for our triplets just to remind me that they did exist and to acknowledge their existence. i love the photo. i think it’s perfect.

  • Really, really beautiful idea. I hope that lovely photo provides you with solace and peace.