Fields of Yellow Flowers

May 1, 2017

My friend Candace lives on this gorgeous farm not too far from us. Recently she posted a picture of a field of yellow flowers and I fell in love and asked if we could come take some pictures there. She graciously agreed and I love how the photos turned out.

The kids, as always, kept us on our toes. They didn’t want to listen at all, didn’t want to be held, didn’t want to stay put, ran off down the hill through the wheat at warp speed. So, basically, a typical photo shoot with toddlers. It is always a lot of work to take these photos, but I am always glad we did. I cherish these photos and my babies will only be little once. Our photographer, Carissa, does such a great job with the kids. At one point she was holding her camera in one hand and Erick’s phone in the other with a video playing to get their attention.


On me: Dress
On Erick: Oxford shirt
On my daughter: Flutter-sleeve top (on sale for $9)

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