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Farm Day

October 20, 2016

Our local dairy farm, Homestead Creamery, invited us to their customer appreciation farm day. We were so excited to take the kids because they love cows.  In fact, we spent one whole road trip with my son saying “I love cows!” the whole way there.

Plus, we thought it would be cool for them to meet the cows that provide our milk.

So, it was no shock that meeting the cows was their favorite part of the day.  All four of us got to milk a cow — Eleanor, specifically. 🙂 It was my first time doing this right along with the kids.

My favorite part of the day was holding and snuggling the baby goats. I want a baby goat! They are so adorable and practical, too, when your yard is mostly comprised of weeds instead of actual grass.

The kids also enjoyed sitting on the tractors, eating ice cream and picking pumpkins.

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J. Crew Gingham shirt | Distressed denim

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