Fall Sunrise

November 7, 2016

I try to always take a day off when the fall colors emerge. I started the day by heading up to Roanoke Mountain Overlook for sunrise.

It’s so peaceful to almost have a whole mountain to yourself and to watch the sun rise on a cool morning. The contrast of the blue mountains and pink sky was insanely gorgeous.

Roanokers, if you’ve never been here, go! It’s kind of not obvious to find via GPS though.

Directions to Roanoke Mountain Overlook (Blue Ridge Parkway)
From Roanoke, drive up to Mill Mountain, but don’t turn right like you’re going to the star, just keep going until the road dead ends. That will be the Blue Ridge Parkway. Turn left (north) and then make a very immediate right (careful – the sign is small). Then, it’s a two mile steep and winding one lane road up to the top. Once there, there are 3 main overlooks, the one with the rock outcropping is first. Keep going  and there’s another small one and then finally there’s a much bigger one with views on both sides of the mountain, so you should be able to catch sunrise or sunset from this one. This is fantastic for people like me that love mountains, but have physical limitations and can’t summit on their own any more.

Later, I went to a favorite spot of mine to wander around the creek and just enjoy being outside.

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  • Nancy R

    You made a beautiful start to my morning.