Roanoke Valley

Daylily & Wine Festival

July 20, 2010

Our friends, Dustin and Crystal, invited us to go to the Daylily and Wine Festival in Fishersville, Virginia this weekend.  It was held at Viette’s Gardens.  We had never heard of it, but it was really fun.  My favorite part was walking back to the car without stepping in dried up cow pies.  No, not really…

Here we are with our tasting glasses.  I had lots of viogniers, chardonnays, rieslings, late harvests, roses and one good sauvignon blanc.  I think I liked Veritas and Flying Fox Vineyards the best.

We tried on a bunch of silly hats at one of the vendor booths.

I actually liked this hat.

They had a vendor there with a Silpada booth, so Crystal and I loved that.  I ended up buying a silver necklace for 50% off!

All in all, a great day, complete with wine, good friends and great people watching.  I neglected to bring my fashion violation notepad and decided I would have to make an Android app for it and then email it to the offenders in question. 😉

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  • BU

    OMG that looks so fun!! My mouth watered at the wine glasses. I wonder what that says about me.