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Crabtree Falls

May 16, 2016

We recently went to Nelson County to visit Pharsalia and when I checked my map of places I want to visit, I discovered that there was a waterfall very close by. So, obviously, we decided to to go visit the waterfall afterwards.

It was literally only steps away from the beginning of the trail and accessed by a paved trail, so the cool thing is that it’s wheelchair accessible or accessible for those not in the best hiking shape. After my hip surgery, these are things I am very aware of.

There’s a viewing platform and I just love to hear the sound of the running water. It’s so peaceful. We followed around a bunch of millipedes — they are so cool looking.

We only visited the first and closest waterfall because we had to get on the road to be back in time to get the kids.  There are a series of falls here, including one that is the single largest drop over a cliff east of the Mississippi. We definitely have to go back to see that one.


The lowest section is the tallest and consists of many drops, the lowest right near the parking lot. The middle section is a single drop through a crevice surrounded by trees and moss, it is wildly different than the lowest section. The upper waterfall is the largest single drop over a massive cliff.

crabtree2IMG_0149 crabtree1IMG_0241  IMG_0278IMG_0186crabtree3

Visiting info:

Here’s an approximate map to the parking area. Once we got nearby, we saw a parking area for trails and naturally assumed this was the spot. Our hiking guide said there was a paved trail, but there was no paved trail.  We figured we’d check it out anyway.  After walking for a while, way past 2/10 of a mile, we realized this was not the right place.  We asked some other hikers and discovered we had to keep going several more miles down the road and saw more signs. There was another parking lot, so we parked there. We walked towards the sound of the water and discovered another closer parking lot. Here, there are bathrooms and the sign. I think we parked at the overflow lot. So, you can keep going past the first lot to get to the final lot if you want.

Hiking information

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  • Silvana Colon

    Beautiful, of course that must of reminded you of El Yunque.

    • Whitney Anderson

      Yes! I love El Yunque! No coquis here! 🙂