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Christmas Tree Farm

November 27, 2016

For years now, we have had an artificial tree and I have missed the smell and feel of a real one. We decided to create a new tradition this year of going to a local farm (Hamill Christmas Tree Farm) to buy a tree. We chose to skip the Clark Griswold bit of cutting it ourselves and instead picked one that was already cut. Can you imagine cutting a tree with two toddlers? But, we did wander around among the trees on the farm for a look around.

I wish we could say it was all fun, but my son was a Tasmanian Devil. Lately we have seen improvement in my daughter’s maturity and the opposite for my son. He is stubborn, belligerent and he does not listen to anything. Treats don’t inspire him. Threats don’t deter him. We are really having a go of it with him.

He did his classic move where he sprints away from us. And, we don’t know what he might be running towards beyond what we can see. This time it was a stream with a 4′ drop. Thank goodness he stopped. I might not be a distance runner any more, but I have had to become a sprinter. Erick and both ran after him at a good clip. The other day, I had to sprint after him in the park, throwing down my SLR camera on the way and my iPhone flying out of my pocket. Thank goodness they make them more sturdy now.

Erick, who is beyond patient, was like, “Ok, I’m done. We’re leaving. That’s it.”

He would not cooperate for photos and he had to keep having time-outs in the stroller. It’s unbelievable that we got even one decent photo with the way he was acting.

But, even with all that, I still enjoyed it because I am so excited about a real tree this year.  The smell brings me so many good memories. Also, I love supporting a local farm.

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BP Cardigan (Sold out in green, similar one) |  Old Navy Rockstar Jeans  | Old Navy booties (or Sole Society)| Tartan Scarf (similar) |  Stella & Dot watch

Note: Love these flat booties. I first saw a pair of Isabel Marants that I absolutely loved, but absolutely could not afford. Then, I found some exact dupes from Sole Society last year. They have them again this year in many colors. I got these cheap ones from Old Navy and the quality isn’t as high, but they are still nice. I don’t usually buy shoes from Old Navy, but really wanted booties in this color, and I have been pleased with them.

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