Christmas Cards

December 7, 2016

For several years now, I have been doing e-cards for Christmas, because that’s what you do when you work in digital marketing, right?

Well, this year, I’m teaming up with Minted to send paper cards! I love receiving mail and am so happy to be going back to mailed cards this year. I think my family and friends will be pleasantly surprised. Minted has such beautiful options that it’s an easy switch for me to use their designs instead of my own. I love that they source the designs from independent artists all over the world.

I had a hard time deciding between foil and letterpress, but ultimately decided on a foil print card.

minted-1minted-5-of-33  minted-12-of-33

I love that you have so many options for the back of the card. I chose to do more photos, because it was so hard to pick just one! There are options for a family infographic, text only, and tons of photo layouts.


One of my favorite parts of ordering through Minted is that they do free printing of recipient addresses! So, that means I have nothing to do once they arrive except to send them. Also, the layout of the name and address is so pretty! I love the option I chose, but there are so many nice ones that it was hard to choose. It sets the tone before you even open the envelope. I was able to use a list I had in Google Contacts, export it and easily import the names.  One thing that was a problem is that I have many contacts listed separately, like the husband is one contact in my book and the wife another. So, I had to choose one and then in my spreadsheet I changed it to say, for example, Erick & Whitney Anderson. So, once I uploaded my list to Minted, everything was in order.


They also have custom stamps that you can make and use, but I had already bought Christmas stamps, so I didn’t use that option. The whole process was quick and easy, which wasn’t previously the case with paper cards and one reason I stopped doing them. I love that I can get a quality design, a quality product and that they made everything easy for me.

On screen, they looked gorgeous, but once they arrived in the mail, I was blown away. The card is a really nice weight and the foil is beautiful.

With the holidays quickly approaching, Minted makes it super easy to check one more thing off your list.

Check out all of the designs here.

Sponsored by Minted.

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