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Charleston in Photos

February 27, 2013

We went to Charleston, South Carolina last weekend to meet some friends.  It has been many years since I have been there and I forgot how completely beautiful and charming this southern-belle city is.

You’ve got history, palm trees, two universities (Citadel and College of Charleston), gorgeous architecture, warmer weather, the coast and harbor, cobblestone streets, real gas lamps, horses and carriages, delicious restaurants, shopping and last but not least — southern charm.  It’s really quite a nice mix of things.

The Aquarium

The weather was cold and rainy one day, so we went to the South Carolina Aquarium.

The albino crocodile

I was fascinated with this jellyfish.

These jellies were fun to watch, too.

The 2-story open ocean tank

While we were there, there was an emergency announcement to leave the building.  We were looking at each other like, “Is this real?”  It was. And, we had to leave.  We waiting outside for a while and then thankfully they let us in.  Must have been a false alarm.

We went to see the 4D Penguin movie while we were there and that was lots of fun.  You know what wasn’t lots of fun?  Being squirted in the face a couple of times with water effects.  And, after my hair was already trying to do its afro thing because of the pouring down rain.  I did love the wind and snow though.

Exploring Downtown Charleston

Thankfully, the rain let up and we were able get outside and walk around the city.  We started on Rainbow Row (E. Bay St.) and worked our way up.

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  • Chris

    Hawk and I went to Charleston every February or March when we lived in Virginia–just to assure ourselves the daffodils WOULD come up and the azaleas WOULD bloom. Lovely place. Love your photos, as always.