Virginia Tech

Calling all sportsmanlike conduct

January 9, 2011

Why is it that there are so many Virginia Tech haters out there? I find you all over the place and you especially run rampant on Facebook as you publicly spew your vile comments about my alma mater, my football team and me as a fan.  I’m not talking about friendly ribbing amongst rivals.  I have friends that are Virginia, Clemson and Miami fans, among others.   We treat one another with respect.

You don’t have to like my team or my school, but can’t you be nice?  And, by the way, who is it that you root for?  Whoever it is, whether I like them or not, I won’t be bashing them like it’s my job.  Who are you to be talking about how bad we stunk up the Orange Bowl with our loss against #4 Stanford, or anything else?  At least we went to the Orange Bowl, at least we played Stanford.  If you’re honest with yourself, how do you think your team would’ve done against them?  I don’t think that any of the people that I hear trash talking are Oregon or Auburn fans.  And if you were, you really wouldn’t care about how VT played.

Win or lose, I’m PROUD of my team. You love to revel in our losses, but you conveniently forget:

Overall, we’ve had great success and we have lots to be proud of.  Is that what you dislike, too?  Our unabashed and overflowing pride? Our overwhelming school spirit?  Why? Our fans are an amazing group of people who love their school and their football team.  We are loud and proud. We wear our orange and maroon with pride.  We fly flags on our cars.  If you don’t like us, just ignore us.  Are you sick of hearing about us in the media?  Ignore it.

Here are some gems from the WSLS Facebook page in response to their post about the game being a tough loss:

I’m baffled that you put so much energy and passion behind trash talking us.  If I really stop and think about it, maybe I should be flattered by all of your attention.  You stop and take time out of your day just to put us down.  Congratulations.  I hope that make you feel good.

This is an example of what I say after we lose to another team:

I’m just asking you to return the favor or please don’t say anything at all.  How do you think you look when you bash other teams?  Why don’t you just cheer for your team?  And, if you don’t have a team, man up and pick ONE team instead of rooting for the flavor of the month.  Be there for the wins and losses of YOUR team.  I do not understand why people hate on other teams. I understand we all have a passion for the game, but with passion comes respect.

So, I have to ask all of you, what’s your take on this?  Why are there so many haters?  Do you root for another team that experiences this as well?

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  • Patricia

    I, too, have been surprised at all the Tech-bashing. I attribute it to envy: the writer didn’t go to college, or he didn’t get into Tech, or a relative didn’t get into Tech.
    I thought your post was great. Go HOKIES.

  • Morgan

    I am a Junior at VT now. Don’t get me wrong I love Tech…or why else would I be here, but we always promote ourselves as having Hokies Respect etc. etc. but sometimes our fans are extremely rude to our opponents. Shouting at kids wearing jerseys from the other team. Yelling at the people taking tickets because their scanners break. I see so many statuses from Radford students that come volunteer at our games and they are just shouted at by rude drunken students. yeah they are drunk but still not an excuse. If that’s a reason people hate Hokies, then I don’t blame them.