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Baseball Game

July 17, 2016

We took the twins to their first baseball game this weekend with their pre-school class. It was fun, but a lot of chasing was involved. We have to be 100% switched on when my son is out in public and not restrained to a stroller or high chair.

We were sitting in our seats trying to watch the game and my daughter did something to get in trouble and I put her in time out. Three of her friends walked by the aisle in front of us and had more cotton candy and offered Ellis another big piece. I said, “No, girls. Thank you so much, but no. Ellis is in time out.” One girl looked at me with wide eyes and one turned to the other and said very seriously, “Ellis is in time out.” I wondered if Ellis felt embarrassed. So many new feelings for these little people.

I just got this pretty off-the-shoulder top. I love it and was so happily surprised to love it so much. I wasn’t sure what to expect because it’s from She Inside, which is one of those sites that ships direct from China. So, it’s only $15 and I think it’s really nice. It fits great and was easy to wear. I have ordered other things from similar sites that were great and others that were terrible. I ordered a dress one time and it clearly had very different details than what was pictured.  I sent it back. So, here’s my rule of thumb. If they have photos posted of real people wearing the item that have been submitted, I will consider it.  Same if I see it on someone elsewhere. Otherwise, it’s really a huge gamble.

With her awesome teacher.

Top | White Jeans (These are my favorite as they have just the right amount of stretch.) | Stella & Dot Isabelle bracelet

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