Baby Shower

September 17, 2013

This past weekend, we had our first baby shower, hosted by my friend, Cindy.  It was so sweet and so much fun.  She had done such a wonderful job with everything — the decorations, the food, everything.

We were so blown away by everyone’s kindness.  Erick’s aunt and cousin came all the way from Atlanta.  My friend, Allison, came from Charlottesville and our friends, Roberto and Anna, came in from Norfolk, all of which was a big surprise to us. Also, we were very happy to have my aunt Ann there as she struggles with back pain and doesn’t get out much.  It meant a lot to me that she was there.

We got so many nice gifts from everyone and some gifts that were sent to Cindy by those who couldn’t come.

We were missing the star of the show — Nicole — but she is five hours away and on travel restrictions per the doctor. She and I both hated that she couldn’t be there. So, I showed photos of her and the babies to everyone.


As we were opening gifts, there was one that blindsided me.  I opened the card and it was signed, “Great Mammaw.”  I was momentarily confused.  My Mammaw passed away several years ago.  Then, I read the note which said that my grandmother wanted for us to become parents so badly and that she had saved something for us and our future child/ren one day for my aunt to give to us.

I just broke down, amid all of the questioning looks from all of my family and friends.  I couldn’t even speak to tell them what was happening or what the card said.  Finally, I passed it to Erick so that he could.

It meant so much to me.  It was a silver Snoopy piggy bank with a few coins inside.  I loved it — how could she have known I was using silver accents in my nursery?  But, it didn’t matter what it was — I was so touched to know yet again that she ached along with us in our struggle to become parents, but she had hope that it would happen.  I am so sorry that she isn’t here with us to celebrate and meet her great-grandchildren.  However, I am sure she knows they are coming and she’s smiling down on us from heaven.

I’m so thankful to my aunt and cousins who managed this little task for my grandmother.

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  • Amy

    I had the very same Snoopy bank as a kid, from my grandparents, too. So touching! I’d have been in tears as well. I remember it having green felt on the bottom, right? 🙂 So happy for you Whitney – very excited for your impending arrivals!!

    • Whitney Anderson

      That’s wild that you have the same one! Thank you.

  • Megan

    I have tears in my eyes- what a beautiful gift for your wonderful babes!! Congratulations to you and Erick! I’m so very very happy for your both! 🙂

    • Whitney Anderson

      Thank you so much!

  • That is so special,something you will treasure.

  • Ambyr Aamodt Kirkpatrick

    I am so beyond happy for you guys. I’m so sorry you are having awful hip issues. It is amazing how God works though. Hope your surgery goes well and can’t wait to read your post on when the babies arrive in a couple months 🙂

  • Beautiful, beautiful! Your post actually brought tears to my eyes (that never happens). I was very close to my great-grandmother who died when I was 13. Something that has given me some comfort this year is to think that she might be looking after my miscarried baby. Your post is wonderful, and it reminded me of the love she and I shared. I am so happy for you that you have something that connects your babies to her. xo

    • Whitney Anderson

      Thanks, Lauren. ♥