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Baby Lambs

May 14, 2016

Today we went to a farm open house, especially for the opportunity to meet their newborn lambs. The farm is called Riverstone Organic Farm and is in Floyd, Virginia. We went straight for the sheep! They would move in a big group from one end of the fenced area to another, but sometimes would hang out in small groups. The kids were undeterred by the grass that was almost as tall as them.

I loved hearing them “baaa” at us. I have seen sheep before, but never been able to interact with a big flock like this.  And, of course, the babies were the highlight. So, so cute. What could be cuter than a baby lamb? I wanted to sneak one home with us.

IMG_0547 sheep1IMG_0700-2IMG_0489-2

I love this one. It’s like they commissioned me to take their family portrait. Smile!

IMG_0727-2 IMG_0534-2 IMG_0457-2sheep6IMG_0401sheep5IMG_1014IMG_1069-2IMG_0750-2

They have the cutest little farm store with a porch overlooking the sheep pen. They provided free samples of their products and we bought some minted raspberry jam and some spinach. You add up your own purchases and pay with a check or cash by placing it in an envelope and then in a box, all on the honor system. That’s how you know you’re shopping out in the country.

IMG_0967IMG_0801 sheep4IMG_0799-001

We wandered around the rest of the property and there was a creek weaving through it with fields of yellow flowers.


How funny is this? She’s baaaa-ing at me.


We took one of my interns and her friend with us. They are both international students, so I was happy to show them a little bit of the countryside around here.

IMG_0803 IMG_0786IMG_0388-2 sheep9IMG_0757-2

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